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Name: greywash
Alias(es): Gins
Type: Fic Writer, Beta, Meta Writer
Fandoms: Sherlock, ACD Holmes, The Magicians, Marvel Cinematic Universe, due South, Harry Potter
Communities: Antidiogenes
URL: greywash@DW
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greywash, also known as Gins, is a pan-fannish fic and meta writer from the United States who has been active under multiple names and in various venues intermittently from 1996 on, and continuously as greywash since 2011. As of 2018, her primary fandoms are Sherlock and The Magicians. She co-founded The Antidiogenes Club with Roane in 2012 and has an ongoing collaborative relationship with breathedout.

Her username is greywash on AO3, Dreamwidth, GMail, and Tumblr.