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Name/s: Dewey, dewey3067
Fandom/s: The Sentinel due South Stargate Atlantis
You can find me at:,
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Reader, slasher, sporatic LJer, OTW supporter.

Current archivist for ds_profiles - we're adding info from the LJ community to fanlore so due South can be better represented here. (just in case you are curious why my fingerprints are all over the entries *g*)

I tend to stick with one primary fandom at a time:

My first fan obsession was the science fantasy book series Nightrunner by Lynn Flewelling. I found myself looking for her webpage and then followed a link to her Yahoo group. That was in June 2000 and was my first exposure to online fandom and the fun that is sharing the squee with fellow fans.

One day, out of curiosity, I followed a link to a fellow listmember's webpage. And found fanfiction for something called The Sentinel. And discovered the shiny new world of slash fanfiction and the joy that is Jim/Blair.

I dabbled in other shows and pairings but nothing did it for me like TS - until I found due South and lost my heart to Fraser/Kowalski. I hung around dS a couple of years and still visit.

However, there came a time where I had to admit that I was sucked into that fandom that ate all fandoms: SGA. Which is where I currently basically live. I am a McShepper. With a bit of OT4 added in.

And, lately I've been reading White Collar...


A very small list so far: