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Name/s: Betrue, Beet
Fandom/s: SV, SGA, SPN, Merlin, and the fledgling Crusoe
You can find me at: Betrue's LJ, Beetarty: Betrue's Fanart Comm on LJ, Heliotrope: Betrue's website, Betrue on IJ, Betrue on JF
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I discovered Slash while searching for free online reading at a boring job. I lurked for a year or so, reading Highlander fic. Then I followed rising enthusiasm for a new show called Smallville to this thing called Livejournal in 2003.

I am probably most often associated with manipping. I started playing around with photoshop shortly after I joined LJ and shared my first manip in 2004. I've played around off and on since then making manips in the Smallville fandom for several year. In 2008, I also started playing in a number of other fandoms.