Us (Highlander vid)

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Title: Us
Creator: Clucking Belles (Sandy Herrold & Rachael Sabotini)
Date: 1997/1998 (remastered by Killa in 2007)
Format: VCR Vid
Fandom: Highlander
URL: Download

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" God, this vid still wipes me. The song is so passionate, and so Duncan, and the guitars fit so well with Highlander's imagery. I get completely caught up in it, even after all the times I've watched it. Hippie Boy, by Media Cannibals, Sentinel This one captures everything I ever loved about The Sentinel, and Blair, and it still makes me insanely happy."[1]
2"Vidding recently lost one a generous soul and groundbreaking vidder when Sandy passed away. Originally created on VHS around 1997/1998, Us is reminder that you don’t need tons of effects and digital tweaking to produce a fantastic vid. Sandy and her vidding partners showed us that a strong story and flawless editing can easily stand the test of time and every Highlander vidder who followed owes them a debt of gratitude. Thank you, Sandy."[2]


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