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Name: Urianger Augurelt
Occupation: Member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIV
Urianger Augurelt from the Endwalker trailer
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Urianger Augurelt is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy XIV. He was introduced in the original 1.0 version, but played a more background role until the release of Shadowbringers, when he became one of the main Scions of the Seventh Dawn.


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The Shadowbringers expansion saw Urianger take a mentorship or even fatherhood role when interacting with Ryne. This similarity with Thancred led to the Urianger Augurelt/Thancred Waters ship becoming much more popular.

In a 2020 NHK poll, Urianger was voted the 133rd most popular character in the Final Fantasy franchise.[1][2]


Urianger stands out among most other characters in that his most popular ship on ao3 isn't a WoL-ship but an NPC/NPC ship. As of November 2021, Urianger Augurelt/Thancred Waters had more works on ao3 than Urianger Augurelt/Warrior of Light. This marks him an exception among the cast, much like Estinien Wyrmblood.


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