Unsung Heroes

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Title: Unsung Heroes
Publisher: Stars & Stripes Press
Editor(s): Melissa Mastoris
Date(s): 1992-?
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Hogan's Heroes
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Unsung Heroes is a gen Hogan's Heroes anthology.

From a submission request in Zine Scene: "Deadline 3-1-92 for MediaWest 92 publication. Submissions of poetry, stories, filks and art are now being accepted for this new zine! Nazi bashing welcomed and encouraged! Say hello (or bonjour) again to your favorite bunch of POW's!"

From a flyer for issue #2: "Please include a SASE with all inquiries. (The Nazis don't supply stamps)."

Issue 1

Unsung Heroes 1 was published in May 1992 and contains 52 pages. It contains stories by Khylara, Melissa Mastoris, North Star, Michael J. Macomber, the words to the theme song, a photo collage cover by MAM, and more.

cover of issue #1

From the editorial of issue #1:

A lot of people have asked why Hogan's Heroes? If you watch the show, you know that there's a lot of holes that they never filled in (what happened to Kinch, did they ever get liberated, that sort of thing.) "Unsung Heroes" is an attempt to fill in a few of those holes.....Some of you may notice that a story promised on the flyer has not been included in the zine. Unfortunately, last minute revisions of "Salvation" ended in disaster when the author's computer crashed and the story was lost. As there was no time for a rewrite, we decided not to include it in the zine. I apologize, and hopefully it will appear in either a later issue or another publication...

  • The Hogan Heroes Song by E.G. Avedissian (1)
  • Hero by Michael J. Macomber (2)
  • Leavetaking by Khylara (3)
  • Storyteller by Khylara (3)
  • Heroes Stand Alone by Khylara (3)
  • Mail Call by Silver Serebryani (5)
  • Grounded Eagle by Khylara (10)
  • I Remember Paris Beautiful by Silver Serebryani (11)
  • The Sweet Taste of Freedom by North Star (12)
  • Liberation by Melissa Mastoris (13)
  • A Perfect Record by Michael J. Macomber (14)
  • The Stalag 13 Murders by Melissa Mastoris (15)
  • German Efficiency by North Star (28)
  • I Know Nothing by Michael J. Macomber (29)
  • Schultz' Lament by Melissa Mastoris (29)
  • Where Do I Go From Here? by Silver Serebryani (30)
  • Replacement by Khylara (31)
  • Different Drummer by North Star (31)
  • The Wish by North Star (32)
  • This Wasn't In the Job Description by Khylara (33)
  • Radioman by Khylara (47)
  • A Small Price by Khylara (48)
  • An Officer's Duty by North Star (49)
  • The Last Time I Saw Paris by North Star (50)
  • Thoughts on an Escape by Silver Serebryani (51)
  • The Final Danger by North Star (52)
  • The Only Survivor by Meliss Mastoris (52)

Issue 2

Unsung Heroes 2 was published in May 1994 and contains 121 pages.

cover of issue #2
flyer for issue #2
  • Salvation by Silver Serebryani ("The concentration camp atrocities hit home when an inmate is found outside the emergency tunnel") (1)
  • I'll Take a Chocolate Layer Cake Any Day! by Jean Thower (13)
  • Colonel Hogan's Dream by North Star (14)
  • The Crew by Silver Serebryani (15)
  • Giving Thanks by Jean Thrower ("Hogan's men fight for his life when he comes down with double pneumonia.") (16)
  • Winter at Stalag 13 by Jean Thrower (104)
  • Three Years by North Star (104)
  • Duty: Colonel Hogan by Melissa Mastoris (105)
  • God's Children by Melissa Mastoris ("It's Hanukah at Stalag 13. Can Hogan and his men save a group of Jewish orphans destined for Auschwitz?") (106)
  • Moving Star by Jean Thrower (119)
  • Musings at Lights Out by Silver Serebryani (120)
  • You Got This Zine Because...

Issue 3

Unsung Heroes 3 was published in May 1996 and is 101 pages long. It includes the final chapter of 'Giving Thanks' from issue 2 as well as a sequel by Jean Thrower. It contains more stories from Mastoris and Khylara and poetry by Mastoris and Thrower. It was published after 1995.

cover of issue #3
  • The Locket by Melissa Mastoris (1)
  • Missing Freedom by Melissa Mastoris (8)
  • Giving Thanks: Final Chapter by Jean Thrower (9)
  • Blood on the Snow by Jean Thrower (15)
  • A Christmas Miracle by Jean Thrower (16)
  • Miracles Happen by Khylara (92)
  • You Are Receiving This Zine Because... (101)