Unimaginable Love

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Name: Unimaginable Love
Owner/Maintainer: Kiana, formerly Ava
Dates: ?? - December 2, 2006 (last update), remained static until the domain went down
Type: fansite, fanlisting
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: http://unimaginable.mwah.nu/(Archived on Wayback)
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Unimaginable Love was a Harry/Pansy fansite and fanlisting created by Ava and later adopted by Kiana.


Unimaginable Love was originally hosted at frozenfears.net before moving to the domain mwah.nu.

Unimaginable Love was adopted by Kiana June 16, 2006.

"The site was originally just a fan site, the fanlisting was added later when the 'Scarlet Serpent' the first Harry/Pansy fanlisting was closed. Scarlet Serpent was online for three years and had around 80 members (I'm not sure on the count but it was under 100 fans). The big difference between Unimaginable Love and Scarlet Serpent is the old fanlisting supported the relationship displayed in the books (the canon relationship).[1]"