Undercurrents (Stargate Atlantis zine)

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Title: Undercurrents
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date(s): 2009-2010
Series?: yes
Medium: fanzine
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: http://fanzines.ashtonpress.net/sga.htm
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Undercurrents is a slash Atlantis McShep anthology.

Issue 1

Undercurrents 1 was published in 2009 and contains 92 pages. It has full color cover and back cover by Cat's Meow Creative Arts.

  • Time After Time by bluflamingo: No one ever said it was going to be easy. They just didn't say it was going to be this tiring, either. (4)
  • The Green-Eyed Monster by Orithain and Rina: Rodney pimps himself out to get a ZPM. John is unimpressed and confused by his own reaction. (27)
front cover of issue #1
back cover of issue #1

Issue 2

Undercurrents 2 was published in May 2010 and contains 68 pages, digest-sized. It has a color cover and back cover. Art by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts and Montana. It contains no deathfic.

  • Celebration of Life by Orithain and Rina: How "The Last Man" and "Search and Rescue" should have ended. (4)
  • Never My Love by Wendy Myers: After "Trinity," Rodney fears he's lost John forever. (10)
  • Jackpot by Orithain and Rina: A follow-up to the episode "Vegas." Detective Sheppard survived his encounter with the Wraith. What happened next? A novella. (16)
front cover of issue #2
back cover of issue #2

Issue 3

Undercurrents 3 was published in 2011 and contains 153 pages. Color cover and back cover by Montana. No deathfic.

  • Out in the Open by Orithain and Rina: Don't Ask, Don't Tell is finally repealed and Rodney and John can be together openly. (nominated for 2013 FanQ) (7 pages)
  • Dreams to Remember by Ionah: Something happens on Atlantis when the expedition first arrives ... but no one except for Elizabeth Weir and Carson Beckett seem to know or remember. Weir orders the medical records sealed. Time passes but eventually the memories began to bleed through ... and have consequences. In the meantime, there is political strife on a planet in Pegasus that ends up involving the entire team, especially McKay and Sheppard. (nominated for 2013 FanQ) (140 pages)
cover of issue #3, Montana
cover of issue #3, showing comb binding
flyer for issue #3