two to fall apart

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Title: two to fall apart
Author(s): orphaned
Date(s): December 20, 2017 - January 13, 2018
Length: 38k words
Genre: slashwhump
Fandom: BuzzFeed Unsolved
External Links: AO3

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two to fall apart is a Ryan Bergara/Shane Madej BuzzFeed Unsolved fic, completed in January 2018 and since orphaned by its author.


“I know you’re sitting over there, probably like, ‘oh, Ryan’s such an idiot, he’s afraid of ghosts but not serial killers.’”

“I’m thinking your sense of self-preservation is a sham. You absolutely seek out things that you believe are a danger to your person.”

“And you're so incredibly invested in my person?”

“I am! I enjoy your person. I would like it not to be carved up and put on a Christmas display.”

Ryan laughs, and Shane can’t begin to fathom how that’s even remotely funny.


Ryan wants to investigate a case that's just a little too recent for Shane's tastes.