Two Solitudes That Meet

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Title: Two Solitudes That Meet
Publisher: Reylo Fanfiction Anthology
Type: fanfic anthology
Date(s): 2018
Medium: digital
Size: 149 pages
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
External Links: E-book, AO3 Collection
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Two Solitudes That Meet is a Reylo fanfic anthology published in 2018.


The 2018 Reylo Fanfiction Anthology: Two Solitudes That Meet, with the theme of Celestial Bodies.

With this theme, writers can choose celestial bodies - planets, stars, constellations, suns, moons, etc. - as the base for their works about Kylo Ren/Ben Solo and Rey. Whether Rey and Kylo/Ben are exploring a new world, fighting to escape an astronomical event, or reenacting the stories of the stars, the Reylo Fanfiction Anthology invites all writers to share your stories of Reylo inspired by the cosmos. The possibilities are as endless as the universe.


We are proud to present the pieces that officially comprise Two Solitudes That Meet: The 2018 Reylo Fanfiction Anthology.
  • Altair and Vega:
    • Tanzaku by @knight-of-cookies (knight_of_cookies)
  • An Gaelin:
    • beam that lights the way home by @politicalmamaduck (politicalmamaduck)
  • Andromeda constellation:
  • Andromeda galaxy:
    • Collide by @benisolo​ (anniesscribbles)
  • Beautité:
    • Finding North by @melokatstapes99 (MelodeeKS99)
  • Binary stars:
    • Binary Stars by @shes-rebel-scum (Shes_Rebel_Scum)
  • Black hole:
    • Event Horizon by (Arwen_Evenstar)
    • Syn’s Heart by @inthegrayworld (inthegrayworld)
  • Boötes void:
    • gestalt by @spookykingdomstarlight​ (spookykingdomstarlight)
  • Bubble of the Lost:
    • A Shadow of Hope by @spacewolfqueen (SpaceWolfQueen)
  • Canis Major/Canis Minor:
    • Some I let go by @ever-so-reylo (ever-so-reylo)
  • Chandrila:
    • I Tied My Wish Upon a Tree by @avidvampirehunter (avidvampirehunter)
  • Collapsed star:
    • starstuff by @voicedimplosives (voicedimplosives)
  • Comet:
    • Wish Upon a Star by @shelikespretties (Vivien)
  • Constellations:
    • The stars that don’t shine by @chthonya (Chthonia)
  • Dathomir:
    • Dathomir by @ahsokatvno (heliocentrics)
  • Draco constellation:
    • All In Her Arms by @aionimica (aionimica)
  • Dragon moon:
    • The Dragon Queen’s Moon by @diadumene​ (Ghost_Anemone)
  • Harvest Moon:
    • meadow dusk (sweet dreams of you) by @valsansretour (meritmut)
  • Heavenly Bodies:
    • Only If for a Night by @reylotrashcompactor and @southsidestory (reylotrashcompactor and southsidestory)
  • Hellstar Remina:
    • the surface of last scattering by @kylorenvevo (diasterisms)
  • Iapetus and Phoebe:
    • head in the stars (heart in your hands) by @newerconstellations​ (newerconstellations)
  • Libra constellation:
    • Stolen Hearts by @capaldisrighteyebrow (Trish47)
  • Masaka and Korgano:
    • Masks by @spottytonguedog (Crysania)
  • Milky Way:
    • Starlight, Your Memories by @lion-hearted-wolf (NatMatryoshka)
  • Moon:
    • between belief and the sea by @thewayofthetrashcompactor (thewayofthetrashcompactor)
  • Mortis:
    • The Luminous Interval by @politicalpadme (politicalpadme)
  • Nar Shaddaa:
    • Illuminate by @liminal-zone​ (Lizzen)
    • In the Shadow of the Smuggler’s Moon by @thekesselrun​ (La_Catrina)
  • Onderon:
    • Enthralled in Your Footsteps by @ihavetobenkyou (blushinglily)
  • Orion’s Belt:
    • Inside a Constellation by @biekewieke (Biekewieke)
  • Orion constellation:
    • The Hunter and the Swordsman by @dreamsdescent (dreamsdescent)
    • Ultraviolet by @wewantreylo (SageMcMae)
  • Polaris:
    • Sail North by @nazemova (Nazemova)
    • the star to every wandering bark by @abstractragedy (addictedtoacertainlifestyle)
    • Between Sky and Sea by @moonshotsandarchimedeslevers​ (nessalk)
  • Protostar:
    • Protostar by @greyrey-lo (punkpoemprose)
  • Red Nebula:
    • If I was born as a blackthorn tree by @mollymatterrs (occasionallycreative)
  • Saiph:
    • Sword of the Giant by @geekgalnproud (RenicaSwavely)
  • Scarif:
    • The Ocean Filled the Crater by @creationsvixen (CardiganVixen)
    • Your father would have been proud by @lastjediappreciation​ (emiliavioletta)
  • Solar eclipse:
    • Slipping Off Course by @fingertipstrembling (misszeldasayre)
  • Solar flares:
    • a life between times by @kuresoto (kuresoto)
  • Stars:
    • Yichud by @shmisolo (crossingwinter)
    • Per Aspera Ad Astra by @hellomelusine (melusine11)
  • Sun and moon:
    • temptations of grey by @punkeraa (punkeraa)
    • children of the light and dark by @reyofdarkness (reyofdarkness)
    • Chiaroscuro by @oftheinvisibleworld (invisibleworld)
  • Themarwill:
    • United by @tmwillson3 (tmwillson3)
  • Vulcan:
    • Live Long, and Prosper by @saint-heretical​ (SaintHeretical)

As a very special gift to the Reylo fandom, our e-book sampler featuring excerpts of all 50 pieces and their mystery moodboards is available for viewing and download here.