Two Halves of a Whole

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Two Halves of a Whole
Author(s): Kay Wells
Date(s): 1990
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Two Halves of a Whole is a Kirk/Spock story by Kay Wells.

It was published in the print zine Counterpoint #3.


"Kirk fears a loss of control when he is called on to officiate at the wedding of a human and Vulcan male, his own hidden love for Spock too near the surface."

Reactions and Reviews

I know I overuse the word, but this story was so beautiful. There! Said it again. That’s the word I’m most inclined to use when I read something that leaves my heart overflowing with warm feelings of true, fairy-tale love. It’s the word I use when I finish a story and don’t want to go right into another because I want to savor the enveloping feeling I have that all’s right with the world.

If you can, please read this and learn why Kirk, just beginning a five year mission following V-Ger, is stricken at the thought of performing a shipboard wedding ceremony. Find out what’s so very special about a song Uhura sings for the couple. And find out how I define beautiful.

It’s just a wonderful premise, spattered with great little moments. So well told you couldn’t ask for more -- except another 15 or 20 chapters! [1]
I seldom hear wedding vows that my mind doesn't turn secretly to Kirk and Spock. because I see their love as a shining example of what commitment and true love should be. In her story, this gifted author takes us to a wedding between a Vulcan and human member of the Enterprise crew - one at which Kirk is reluctant to officiate because it tears at his heart. He knows he cannot divulge his love for Spock and has kept it hidden for years. Now he must oversee the union of another human and Vulcan - a male bonding.

He's doing fairly well until he sees Spock at the back of the room, but overcomes that distraction only to be completely stunned by Spock playing and Uhura singing a stirring love song he is shocked to learn was written by none other than his first officer.

What transpires when he questions Spock about the song is a fine encounter between them. Very believable and touching -just what I like! [2]


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