Turnabout Tarot

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Fan Art
Title: Turnabout Tarot
Date(s): 2021-2022
First Published:
Medium: Digital, Physical
Fandom: Ace Attorney
External Links: Twitter
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Turnabout Tarot is a tarot deck project featuring fanart of the characters from the Ace Attorney video game franchise on a set of tarot cards.


The project's interest check ran from December 15, 2020 to January 15, 2020[1]. Applications for contributors began on January 29, 2021 and ended on February 28, 2021[2]. Throughout the application period, the project's social media account ran a segment called "Tarot 101" where the account educate followers about using and reading a tarot deck. Further details about the project such as their schedule and frequently asked questions were released on a Google Documents file.

Kickstarter Funding

The project's first attempt at funding began as a Kickstarter project slated to run from October 1, 2021 to October 20, 2021 with the following stretch goals:

  • $7500 USD - Enamel Pin
  • $8000 USD - Gilded edges applied to the tarot cards
  • $8500 USD - Upgrades to the tarot deck case
  • $9000 USD - Altar cloth

At the time of documentation, the Kickstarter page containing the original pricing tiers no longer exists. To promote the project, a share campaign was organized in return for an additional bonus print for physical orders[3]. A giveaway was also run, but the original tweet has been deleted before it could be documented.

The Kickstarter would be cut short on October 19 2021 when its page received a DMCA and was forced to temporarily pause funding [4]. On October 22, 2021, the project’s social media page released the following message:

As you may have already seen, our project received a DMCA infringement notice from Capcom U.S.A., Inc. The Kickstarter campaign is ending in order to abide by Capcom's policies.

Kickstarter did not charge any backers and no transactions were completed because the campaign did not reach the end date.

We are looking into alternative means of distribution that will respect Capcom’s IP and our team’s hard work - we love this project and want to see it realized. For any updates, this account will remain active.

I have one more final note from myself, as the lead on this project. Thank you so much to everyone who supported this project, and we hope you’ll continue to do so in the future! It's been a tremendous experience thus far - the Ace Attorney fanbase has some of the most incredible, passionate people I have had the pleasure of meeting, and has made running this project one of the best experiences of my artistic career.

Regardless of what the future might hold, the passion @shown for this project and for this wonderful series has been truly astounding to see. Please take some time to follow our artists on social media, you won’t regret it.

And as a certain man once said: "even when the battle is over, and the bonds that connect us are severed... We always return, time and time again."

Thank you so much,

Turnabout Tarot Team [5]


The project was announced to be reopened on April 15, 2022 and would begin preorders on May 1, 2022 through bigcartel[6]. Mod Jodie was announced to be stepping away from the project with Jihae taking over for fulfillment due to scheduling[7].

The pricing tiers were as follows:

  • Logic Chess ($15 USD) - Digital Set
  • Mood Matrix ($55 USD) - Deck, Random Bookmark, Stretch Goals
  • Perceive ($65 USD) - Deck, Random Bookmark, Random Sticker Sheet, Random Charm, Random Button, Print, Stretch Goals
  • Dance of Deduction ($55 USD) - All Bookmarks, All Sticker Sheets, All Charms, All Buttons, Print, Stretch Goals
  • Psychelocks ($90 USD) - Deck, All Bookmarks, All Sticker Sheets, All Charms, All Buttons, Print, Stretch Goals

The new stretch goals were the enamel pin at 100 orders and the gilded card upgrade at 200 orders. Physical deck orders would be limited to 350 orders, while digital orders would not have this limitation. The booklet, box upgrade, and altar cloth would no longer be made available, while the cover art would be made as an additional print for some physical bundles. [8]. Physical bundles were sold out by May 2, 2022, and digital orders continued to May 30, 2022.

All physical orders were shipped out by August 1, 2022, and the digital version was released on July 30, 2022. Leftover sales ran from October 30, 2022 to November 22, 2022.


The following names were taken from the project's social media account[9].

Card Artists

Merch Artists


Former Contributors


Fan Reception

The following quotes were taken from shared posts on the zine's social media accounts.

Loremaster Motoss posted on Twitter:

Received the long awaited Turnabout Tarot today (@aatarotdeck). It’s honestly really tough for me to turn down fandom projects like this. Some of the best Ace Attorney fanartists out there! Eager to get these into rotation. #Tarot #AceAttorney #GyakutenSaiban [10]

téa posted on Twitter:

my @aatarotdeck came in today and i can’t wait to mix it into my collection of a million decks because it’s SO pretty[11]

Binghoonkabhankobonkerbadonkerdoboinkerhongahoogs posted on Twitter:

@aatarotdeck I was really excited to see the digital pdf, and it's more beautiful in person! Thank you for organizing such a stunning collab project![12]

angela posted on Twitter:

my @aatarotdeck order arrived!! i’m blown away by everything from the art to the production to even the beautiful packaging. so glad this project was able to take off 💛[13]

call_me_elliot posted on Twitter:

My Ace Attorney tarot deck is finally here @aatarotdeck! Everything is so darling, I’m literally looking at each card and crying. Even the packaging that was adorable. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭[14]

AlexisTGF posted on Twitter:

Nouvelle pièce de collection, le jeu de tarot fanmade Ace Attorney de la part de @aatarotdeck [15]

paul!! posted on Twitter:

not the best photo, but i just got @aatarotdeck!! each card stunned me, such a talented team!! props to everyone behind the project!!!![16]

Yaker posted on Twitter:

My @aatarotdeck just came in the mail! Decided to do a little vibe spread for motivation and my first pull EVER was one of my favorite cards in the entire deck!!! Loving it❤![17]