Triptych (The King Must Die story)

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Title: Triptych
Author(s): toujours_nigel
Date(s): 01 May 2013
Length: 1501 words
Genre: backstory
Fandom: Mary Renault
External Links: Archived at AO3

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Triptych[1] is a short story by toujours_nigel based on Mary Renault's first novel about Theseus, The King Must Die. It was written for Rarewomen 2013 in fulfilment of a request made by fawatson: "Tell of the plot to overthrow the Minotaur from Ariadne’s viewpoint (ie where she is something more than the passive love interest of Theseus)."

The story shows Ariadne as a young girl growing up in Minos’ palace, surviving sibling rivalry and the Court politics of the day, and determining to fight her brother.

Comments on the story include:

  • Oh lovely! There is beautiful imagery in this; and you hve made Ariadne come alive in a way she never has before! Now I can see her character and how she was drawn to anyone who could oppose Asterion.[2]—fawatson


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