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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Trinary
Author(s): Mildred Manhill
Date(s): 1994
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Trinary is a K/S/Mc story by Mildred Manhill.

It was published in the print zine T'hy'la #13.


A Spock/Kirk/McCoy story.

Reactions and Reviews

Since T'hy'la 13 is a 'non - Traditional" K/S zine. "Trianary" fits in It's K/S/Mc. I normally don't care for these. However, this one is nice. It's set after "Plato's Stepchildren". There are some interesting plot twists and some bits of absolutely hilarious dialogue and writing. Especially funny are pages 91 - 92. Manhill tends to write romantic sweet K/S, which is okay. A lot of people like this style/type, even preferring it to others. I like it in small doses. I will recommend the story as long as you can accept K/S/Mc. Minor criticism: "Linked forever, they tumbled into sleep like three drowsy kittens." I love cats and kittens, but this is too cute for me. Mercifully this is not the end of the story, which is quite nicely written. [1]
Post-"Plato's Stepchildren." Kirk and Spock are mysteriously retaining high levels of kironide in their systems, which means they are not losing their superpowers. McCoy prescribes a camping trip and comes along to monitor them. Spock refuses to sleep with Kirk until their kironide levels drop, afraid of damaging him. (This turns out to be exactly counterproductive.) Meanwhile, McCoy is despairingly lonely and has begun to sleepwalk with suicidal intent. Spock decides on a solution - a three-way warrior bond according to ancient Vulcan ritual. I find ancient Vulcan rituals tiresome, myself, but other than that a nicely written tale with good characterization. [2]
The K/S/Mc story "Trianary" starts as K/S with a hurt, troubled McCoy. Spock decides that they can't go on like this, and that it would be sensible that they bond with McCoy...well, this story is quite on the pity side for my taste, so I'm not really happy with it. Even though they end up all bonded. All in all, worth buying. [3]


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