Trekkie Assassination Squad

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Name: Trekkie Assassination Squad
Date(s): mid to late 1980s
Founder: Tony Cullen
Fandom: Star Trek
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Trekkie Assassination Squad was a UK fan group.

Among other things, it had a con presence, published at least two humorous zines (referred to as T.A.S.), and were the creators of Star Trek - The Radio Programme.

This fan group was listed as an official guest at Aucon.

A fan comments in a 1985 con report for Sol III:

This weekend saw your committee and friends indulging in a well planned and well intentioned practical joke. Most of you, I'm sure, will have heard of T.A.S., the Leicester based TREKKIE ASSASSINATION SQUAD, great friends of ours, who poke fun (harmless fun) at the fanaticism of some TREK watchers and provide hours of free Con programme entertainment with their well received lampoons and parodies. Well. We had formulated an idea for T.A.S. BUSTERS and to this end Mark drew and Allister printed a T.A.S. BUSTERS logo on T-shirts and posters. We literally plastered the hotel with the posters from Friday on and confronted a baffled Tony Cullen (C in C of T.A.S. and semi-professional beer drinker) bedecked with our T-shirts at the Saturday disco. I think he was highly flattered (the language he came out with, my dears), after all it's not many subversive organisations that have two fan clubs - ourselves and T.A.S.A.S. - and it was a great joke as it had been driving him scatty trying to work out who had dared perpetrate this foul deed... [1]


  1. ^ from Voyager #10