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Trek Net (also "TrekNet") represents the first organized Star Trek "online" presence. It is a Bulletin Board System (BBS).

Trek Net was formally called "Fleet Net."

It appears to have begun in 1990, and a fan named Rob Lerman ("International Coordinator of TrekNet") was a heavy promotor of it in fan newsletters and other zines.

From a Series of 1990 Flyers

Three full-page flyers were printed in Star Gazette (July 1990).

STAR TREK Fandom has arrived in the computer age. Though often a topic of discussion on assorted computer bulletin boards, now a group of affiliated STARFLEET "ships" have formed a National Computer Echo or TREK NET (formerly called Fleet net). Below is a list of bulletin board services. If you wish more information on TrekNet in general, contact Rob Lerman...
a list of fan clubs (printed in TREKisM #67 in late 1990), "a group of affiliated STARFLEET "ships" have formed a National Computer Echo or TREK NET (formerly called Fleet net)", listed by "system" and location, phone numbers redacted

STARFLEET invites you to join in the fun and excitement of the Official STARFLEET National Computer Echo or TREK NET. TREK NET (formally Fleet net) is a form of communication made possible by computer bulletin board services (BBS) nationwide. All you need is access to a computer with a modem and you are on your way! Using the process called "Echomail, messages can be sent all over the country to the vaiioas participating BBS's. You can be instantly a part of conversations about Star Trek, STARFLEET, other science and science fiction organizations, and much, much more.

Note: Call the BBS nearest you to find out all the message areas available and any restrictions that may apply.

Don't wait. Call today! [phone numbers redacted]


USS Malaspina Nanaimo, BC
Not Applicable II Cedar, BC
Panther's Lair Lantzville, BC
Koyaanlsqatsl Lantzville, BC
USS Defiance Rancho Cordova, CA
USS Nightwing Tampa, FL
NCC-1701 Orlando, FL
Spaceport Technologies TitusvIlle, FL
Miami Area Reaction Chamber Miami, FL
USS Encounter Margate, FL
USS Scorpion
 Niceville, FL
USS Republic Atlanta, GA
Star Trek Convention
 Peachtree City, GA
SISS BBS Atlanta, GA
Starbase: Boston
 Boston, MA
Starbase: Boston
Boston, MA
USS Kasimar Brewer, ME
Messianic Jewish CN St. Louis, MO
USS Intrepid II Emerson, NJ

USS Avenger East Windsor, NJ
The Dragon's Lair Las Cruces, NM
USS Excelsior Tulsa, OK
IKE Tulsa, OK
STARFLEET Rangers Oklahoma City, OK
Shuttle Ranger Oklahoma City, OK
The Continuum Oklahoma City, OK
The Discovery Oklahoma City, OK
The Nightengale Oklahoma City, OK
USS Apollo Sherwood, OR
USS Joshua Arlington, TX
The Tardis BBS Blacksburg, VA
USS Saratoga Redmond, WA

THE FIRST STEP. If you want to be involved in this exciting way of communication, the first step is pretty easy; you need to have access to a computer that is equipped with a modem. A modem is a phone for a computer. Once you have access to this equipment, have the computer call one of the BBS's listed on this flyer. You should consult any manuals concerning the operation of all equipment you use.


If the closest BBS to you is a long distance call, you should try to get a local BBS to pick TREK NET. Believe it or not, there are BBS's everywhere and in places you would never think to look. A good place to get a list of local BBS's is a local computer store. Any people who run BBS's which might be interested in picking up TREK NET should call the appropriate BBS below.

Dear Fellow STARFLEET Member: I am sending you the latest STARFLEET computer echo flyer or all the computer bulletin boards that are picking up the echo and as you can see, the echo has grown by leaps and bounds. You will also notice another interesting item, the echo has changed its' [sic] name from FLEETNET to TREKNET. For those that have access, TREKNET has been a source of unparalleled resources and everyone on it doesn't know how they ever got along without it. Being on the echo is like bringing other STARFLEET members into the same room with you, Not only is it the best way to have questions answered about bylaws, rank structures, merchandising, activities, and so on, it is also the best way to get lo know other STARFLEET members from around the world and what they are doing. There are many different message areas or echos on TREKNET. Some include:

STARFLEET NET: General discussions about STARFLEET
STARELEET Command (for STARFLEET officers with Capt. rank and above)
STARELEET Engineering
STARELEET Operations
STARELEET Communications
STARELEET Elections : A message area by which STARFLEET members can discuss wilh candidates and themselves, issues for the 1990 STARFLEET general elections.
STARELEET Role Playing Game
STAR FLEET: Discussions on Star Trek
STARFLEET Regional echo's : There is a message area for almost every STARFLEET region in North America.
Dear Klanna : A kind of Klingon "Dear Abby"
Meet the Fleet : A message area where people can put up info on their fictional persona.
Trek Organization: This message area is for other organizations lo publicize themselves.
STARFLEET Recreation
STAR FLEET Swap : This is message area is for people to request/offer all kinds of sci-fi memorabilia for sale or trade. It is a non-commercial echo.
Science Fiction Fan: This echo is for the discussion of all types of science fiction (Blake's 7, Dr. Who, Space 1999, Star Trek, fantasy, Arthur C. Clarke, etc,).
British Comedy : This echo discusses all types of British comedy (Not just Monty Python).
Plus many more message areas!

And the best part about it is, it is all free if you have a local bulletin board in your area picking it tip. Remember, you can NEVER have too many boards in any area picking up TREKNET! Also, remind people that TREK.NET has a lot lo offer the general public (which is always good when talking In someone who runs a general interest or non-science fiction type BBS). The general public can learn a great deal about STAR FLEET from TREKNET. TREKNET has grown a great deal, but we still need to get the word out and that can only happen with your help. Make as many copies of this flyer as you can and put it in your newsletter, take it to meetings, conventions and put it in every nook and cranny you can find. You will be bringing to yourself and the people around you a great adventure because TREKNET BRINGS THE ADVENTURE HOME!

Admiral Rob Lerman International Coordinator of TREKNET.