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Star Trek Convention
Name: TrekFest
Location: different cities
Type: for-profit
Organization: Starbase Houston
Founding Date:
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TrekFest was a for-profit con for fans of Star Trek.

Other "Trekfests"

There are more than one con called "TrekFest." This Houston TrekFest is not this one in 2009.


1990: Con Report

This is a last minute report on the on the one day TREKFEST, in Greensboro, N.C., Sunday, August 19th. It was an impromptu trip, since we only found out about it Saturday from the U.S.S. Bonaventure crew at the Morehead Planetarium show in Chapel Hill. The planetarium event drew five Kitty Hawk crewmembers and about fifteen from the Bonaventure. Three of us stayed for a second show followed by pizza and socializing.

The Con started at 11 A.M. and was attended by our X0, Teresa Tuel, Jack Hopkins and myself. Admission was $10.00. We arrived at about noon, just in time for the 'Wheel of Fortune' type trek quiz game competition, M.C.ed by the guest star, James Doohan.

There was a large, active dealers' room, in the same auditorium as the guest stage. The air conditioning was not up to the task of cooling the three hundred bodies assembled there. Bonaventure manned a STARFLEET table, and contacted/recruited about 19 people. Both Jack and I helped in this effort.

At 12:30 the stage show broke for lunch until 1:30. We then returned for Jimmy's main appearance. He went into his usual act, which we had caught at Shore Leave last month. But he did reveal the following news: 1) Gene Roddenberry is recovering from a 'minor' stroke, which has left him partially impaired physically. He is still on the job at Paramount however, making 'Star Trek - The Next Generation'. 2) Mr. Doohan has just finished recording the audio version of 'The Prime Directive', which is a currently released hard cover book by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. The next paperback Pocket-Book, titled 'Home is the Hunter' (by Dana Kramer-Rolls) is due out in December. 3) The long awaited production of the Star Trek VI movie has a new producer at Paramount - Mr. Ralph Winters. Harve Bennett has been 'fired'. 4) Star Trek VI will not be directed by Leonard Nimoy. Mr. Nimoy has other obligations. He will appear in it however. 5) A team of two writers has been hired to write a screenplay for Star Trek VI. This was confirmed by the August/September edition of the 'Star Trek - the Official Fan Club' newsletter, which features an interview with Leonard Nimoy regarding ST VI. 6) Shooting on Star Trek VI is suppose to begin later this year, for a 25th anniversary release in late 1991. Following his appearance, Mr. Doohan signed hundreds of autographs in the oppressive heat. When he was done, he was kind enough to pose for several pictures at the Starfleet table, with the

entire Bonaventure crew. [1]


There was one in Dallas. Brent Spiner was in attendance.


There was one in Omaha, NE - March 21/22.


September 18, 1993 in Houston, TX.

From a July 1993 ad in GAZ:
A celebration of Star Trek. Holiday Inn-Medical Center. 6701 S. Main, Houston, TX 77030. Confirmed guests: Robert H. Justman (Associate Producer/Co-producer: Classic Trek seasons 1-3; Supervising Producer: Next Gen season 1); A. C. Crispin (Author of Star Trek novels: YESTERDAY'S SON, TIME FOR YESTERDAY, NEXT GEN- EYES OF THE BEHOLDERS); Bjo Trimble (Mother of Star Trek fandom, author of THE STAR TREK CONCORDANCE). Other guests to be announced. Dealers, videos, panels, games, costume contest, fiIking! Registration: $10.00 until Aug. 31, 1993; Dealer's tables: $40 until July 31, 1993 ($50 after).
From an August 1993 update:

Confirmed guests are: Classic Trek Co-Producer Robert H. Justman, Star Trek novelist A. C. Crispin, Bjo Trimble, and Walter Irwin. We kick things off Friday night at 8pm with a pre-convention Dessert reception, featuring all of our guests. The cost per person will be $3.50, and will include a variety of desserts, plus coffee and tea. The convention really gets going Saturday morning at 9am. We will have a dealers room with approximately 40 tables, two video rooms (one of which will run until midnight), two speakers rooms, and a Display room, sort of a museum of Star Trek memorabilia.


Once again, we will be supporting Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's favorite charity, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which benefits underprivileged children. [2] In lieu of a standard costume contest, we will be awarding prizes for the best hall costumes. This presentation will be made during the closing ceremony, which will follow the auction.


During the banquet, we will present a new original skit by our resident theatrical genius, James Doyle. On Sunday morning following the convention, we will have a breakfast/brunch buffet, costing $6. Concurrent with this, Ann Crispin will conduct a writer's workshop. (There will be a sufficient break during the workshop to allow attendees to go through the buffet line.) Ms. Crispin will be discussing such topics as Plot, Characterization, Setting, Description, Point-of-view, Research techniques, and Marketing; and for a $20 fee, she will personally critique your manuscript.


To wrap things up, on Sunday afternoon we will hold our monthly meeting of Starbase Houston. This meeting will be open to the public, so if you haven't yet joined Starbase, come meet us and see what we're all about. By the way, we've created another great T-shirt, based on a design by artist extraordinaire, Patti Prevett.


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  2. ^ "underprivileged children" is not the focus of Make-a-Wish Foundation.