Treasure Trove

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Treasure Trove
Author(s): Rosemarie Heaton
Date(s): 2002
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Treasure Trove is a Kirk/Spock story by Rosemarie Heaton.

It was published in the print zine Beyond Dreams #4.

"Cabin Fever" by Virginia Sky for "Treasure Trove" -- "I think it's totally cool that photo manipulations are being used more and more in K/S zines. It's definitely an art form not to be ignored. I hope the trend continues and other editors follow suit to keep K/S current with the times.) Bravo Ms Sky! This has got to be one of the best photo manipulations I've ever seen. This is a color picture of Kirk laying on top of Spock exposing his erection as he is pushing off his briefs, while at the same time kissing Spock. It looks just like them. The artist has obviously taken care to find realistic bodies that match Kirk's and Spock's. But then this is the whole point of good photo manipulations, as well as blending, and altering facial expressions if need be." [1]


"Kirk and Spock are stranded at a rangerʼs station while participating in a treasure hunt set up between the Federation planet theyʼre orbiting and the crew."

Reactions and Reviews

This story has a very amusing beginning, in which Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and Chekov are dripping wet and slogging through mud and pouring rain, involved in some sort of contest involving a treasure hunt. “Treasure Trove” is sort of a variation of the cave story—let’s get Kirk and Spock isolated somehow, and cut off from any communication whosoever. It’s accomplished when the team gets to shelter, a flood threatens, and there’s not enough room in the one available vehicle to transport everyone to safety. Guess who stays behind, and guess who has to share a bed? I liked this part from the story as Kirk contemplates sharing the bed with Spock: “The bed looked comfortable. It was also wide enough for two and Kirk did not know whether to be pleased or sorry. On the one hand he would be close to Spock, and on the other hand he would be close to Spock!” And then guess what happens next? The story is a bit predictable, but well written and well told, and does have an interesting part about a flash flood while Kirk and Spock are stranded, and Spock’s reaction to it. Also, I thought the author did a particularly good job of capturing Spock’s voice in this story—I could really hear him speaking like he does here, and she also captures his deadpan sense of humor. This story was entertaining, and was an enjoyable read. [2]
"Treasure Trove" is 14 pages and leads the rest of the stories in this zine. Frankly, I wondered why this story had the honor. I would have reversed the order of the first two stories and put "Shadow Touch" first because to me that story is more of a distinct K/S story. And that brings me to my only criticism of the story: that this is a generic story which is about two men who are trapped in a shelter during bad weather. This story could with just a few changes even be made into a common 21st century story that could happen today. (And I STILL have not gotten used to this being the 21st century. That shows you how old and very 20th century I am.) I could take the story and with a few changes make it into a Blake/Avon from Blake's 7 story, if I wanted to plagiarize it. (And, no, I promise you---I will not do that and have never done that.)

However, there is definitely a correlation between Blake & Avon and Kirk & Spock.

Getting past that problem, this is a nice exciting story. And I can relate to problems of flooding and heavy storms because here in Laguna Beach houses have fallen down hills and people have been killed by mudslides during storms. This May 2002 the midwest had severe flooding problems, and some people were killed. I think everyone can relate to this danger--unlike perhaps the danger that a horta or a salt monster might cause. So what is a problem in this story for me also makes it more relevant or easy to relate to.

This is well written and very exciting. And there are some places of very nice dialogue between Spock and Kirk. There are definitely K/S touches. It's just that overall that there aren't enough things about this story that make it K/S or set in the Star Trek universe that we all have come to love--both in the stories as created by professionals for money and the a/u sexy slash stories created by amateurs just for the sheer love of our two favorite men: Kirk and Spock.

I am just assuming that Jenna and Dusky choose this story to lead off because it wasn't too long or short, it was filled with lots of action, it concerned a danger that we all could relate to, and that it was well written. [3]
A fairly short, but reasonably enjoyable “cave” story to begin this zine with. It starts off with Kirk and Spock taking part in a treasure hunt on a very rainy day on a planet they are visiting. Although it used a fairly familiar plot line – Kirk and Spock marooned in a Ranger’s station in a flood after everyone else has escaped, it was well written with the characters acting true to life, especially Spock wanting to “inspect” the foundations of the cabin in case there is a landslide! Kirk’s normal impatience at having to sit back and wait for a rescue is well described too, as is the rather surprising revelation from Spock that he is afraid of water when its out of control as in a flood. Altogether, nothing remarkable or ground breaking, but very well written and enjoyable all the same. [4]


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