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See also: affirmational fandom, blueprint culture, curative fandom
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Transformational fandom is a phrase coined by obsession_inc in her 2009 essay Affirmational fandom vs. Transformational fandom. She defines transformational fandom as a female-dominated community and fanworks-oriented form of fandom that is "all about laying hands upon the source and twisting it to the fans' own purposes, whether that is to fix a disappointing issue (a distinct lack of sex-having between two characters, of course, is a favorite issue to fix) in the source material, or using the source material to illustrate a point, or just to have a whale of a good time." She further notes that:

while there are majority opinions vs. minority opinions, it's largely a democracy of taste; everyone has their own shot at declaring what the source material means, and at radically re-interpreting it. Due to the internet's democratization of publishing, and the resulting legal threats from the creators, transformational fans are not well-known to the creators, and vice versa; right along with the disagreement over how copyright works, there's a central disagreement there about Who Is In Charge that's very difficult to ignore.

In this schema, the opposite of transformational fandom is affirmational fandom.

Kirrily Robert elaborated on transformational fandom in a related post on Affirmational vs Transformational fandom, and offered "the following rough guide to some concepts" she uses to define it and to distinguish it from affirmational fandom: