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Name: Toyhouse or
Owner/Maintainer: Cyan Crows, a software studio
Dates: October 6, 2014 - Present
Type: Character Organization
Fandom: Multi-fandom and original characters
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Toyhouse (abbreviated TH) is a website currently in beta that allows users to create character profiles, worlds, and post on the website forums. As of February 2020, those who wish to join must either be given a free code or must buy a membership, similar to Pillowfort or the early days of Dreamwidth. Two free join codes are generated for paid members every week.


Touhouse was made by the small development company Cyan Crows, which is owned by two users: countercanon/corowne (Cy) and masolulu (Lulu). Masolulu appeared to be involved with an original species called Stygian, as well as its ARPG, though their DeviantART gallery is now empty. Corowne is also involved with original species, namely Elnins, though they appear much more active. It's likely that one of the inspirations for Toyhouse was due to both creators being invested in ARPGs and their original species, as both ARPGs and original species tend to create a large pool of designs. The creation of Toyhouse filled a niche and made the sorting and trade of such characters much more smooth and organized.


Character Profiles

Toyhouse's main feature is its ability to allow users to create nearly unlimited character profiles and organize them. Each profile, world, and character profile is completely editable down to the code, making it appealing to many people. Users have the option of applying user-made codes, creating their own codes, or using none at all. This gives the Toyhouse user base the ability to completely customize each of their characters' pages, making them as unique or uniform as it pleases them. This customization makes Toyhouse a new competitor to DeviantART, which took away almost all user customization with the Eclipse update in 2019, much to the grief of its long time users.


Worlds are user-made groups that function as mini-forums. Members who join worlds cannot post art in the way they could with groups on DevianART, however they can add their characters to the world. Worlds serve as roleplay hubs more than art collection communities. They give the owner a nearly unlimited ability to add pages, allowing for their worlds to have several pages each with a different function. Worlds are just as code-customizable as character profiles.


Toyhouse offers an active forum experience that most modern social media sites do not. And, unlike with DeviantART's forum, posts do not disappear after a set amount of days and are easy to find again with the "my threads" and "my posts" button. Because the website as a whole has a focus on character creation and the selling/trading of those characters, there are several forum categories dedicated to those topics. The first category in the forum is "Character Discussion." The forum also offers a unique category called "Service Reviews," where users may give their praises or warnings about specific artists.

Content Filtering

Amid numerous websites that have removed not safe for work images, Toyhouse remains friendly to properly filtered adult content. It has multiple ways to sort and filter NSFW artwork, characters, and profiles. Users have the ability to set individual characters as being adult, which bars underage users from viewing the thumbnail or character. They can also set specific artworks as adult, with varying degrees of filtering for things such as gore, nudity, or explicit content. Users may also set themselves up as having a hard or soft content block: a soft block allows adult users to interact with minors in forums and worlds, however their profile and characters may be un-viewable. A hard block makes it so adult users cannot interact with nor be seen by minors at all. The forums also have their own mature block, allowing users to press a button that marks the post as adult only, which can then only been seen by other adults. While some art sites still contain a simple filtering system, such as Twitter, DeviantART, and Weasyl, Toyhouse has one of the most thorough ones.

Toyhouse and Fandom

Toyhouse allows the creation of character profiles for pretty much any type of character, including both original characters and fan characters. It appears to be mostly popular with the furry fandom as it includes a large amount of furry characters, as well as the adoptable and original species communities. There are roleplay communities based out of worlds within the website; some contain a more general theme (such as life at a university) while others have more plot based roleplay, or are even for a fandom (such as Warrior Cats). Community members advertise for roleplay (both seeking RP and advertising their RP worlds) on the "Worlds" category of the forum. Occasionally this includes community members seeking NSFW roleplay.