Toward the Terra

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Name: 地球へ…, Terra E, Toward the Terra
Creator: Keiko Takemiya (manga)
Date(s): January 1977 - May 1980 (manga)
Medium: manga, anime
Country of Origin: Japan
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Toward the Terra is a three-volume science-fiction manga series set in the far future after humans were forced to abandon an environmentally poisoned Earth (Terra), forging a new, rigidly authoritarian society among the stars. For much of the series we follow the development of a seemingly ordinary teenager, Jomy, as he discovers he is an extremely powerful type of Mu, a mutant with ESP and incredible psychokinetic abilities. After this shattering discovery, Jomy must run for his life or else be killed by the society that raised him. Mentored by Soldier Blue, the leader of the Mu, Jomy joins in the Mu's quest to find a safe haven on humanity's fabled homeworld, Terra.

The manga was adapted as an animated movie in 1980 and in 2007 Bandai Entertainment created a 24-episode anime series.

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English fandom grew thanks to the anime series and translations of the manga and animated film. AMVs seem to be the most popular form of fanwork, but some fanart and a few fics were also made.

On AO3 slash pairings dominate, with Keith Anyan/Jonah Matsuka proving most popular. In contrast, roughly two-thirds of the fics on FFN are gen.


Anime Music Videos

Perhaps the most famous Toward the Terra AMV. This copy was uploaded with credit by Applered83 after the original vanished from YouTube.


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