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Name: Touhou Wiki
Owner/Maintainer: Mami
Dates: 2005 - current
Topic: Touhou Project
URL: (previously
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The Touhou Wiki is a wiki site that compiles information about Touhou Project, both canon and fanon. There is also an associated IRC chatroom and Discord server. The wiki also lists doujin music releases based on the Touhou soundtracks, and Touhou-related fangames.

Similar to Wikipedia, Touhou Wiki has subdomains for articles in different languages. As of 2019, the ten languages with the most articles are the English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese, French, and Korean versions of the wiki.

There is both an IRC channel and a Discord server for users/editors of the wiki.


Originally it was hosted on[1] For a time, it was hosted on Wikia, but later the content and most of the users moved to a separate site after changes with the skins provided by Wikia.[2] Wikia refused to shut down the old wiki despite requests from the admins,[3] and the Touhou Wikia is now its own community: Touhou Project Wiki.


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