Too Good to Be True

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Title: Too Good to Be True
Creator: blithesea, Mei
Date: May 21, 2007
Genre: constructed reality
Fandom: SGA
URL: download at her site

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Too Good to Be True is a constructed reality Rodney/Ronon vid by blithesea; while it looks like a standard slash vid, watch out! Almost the entire dream sequence is manipped, not just the obvious m/m kiss; this footage is literally "Too Good to Be True."

Recs and Reviews

  • "Tongue-in-cheek Rodney/Ronon which may be one of the best things EVER. AND it has great masks that will make you GRIN like a grining thing and wonder why there isn't more Rodeny/Ronon in the world. I always crack the fuck up when I watch this vid. :-)"[1]
  • "very funny vid, the editing is brilliant. Some of the edits I only realized on second viewing (during the first viewing my brain was scratching its metaphorical head, going waitaminute...). Watch it, you'll see what I mean."[2]


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