Tip, Slide, Tumble

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Fraser/Kowalski Fanfiction
Title: Tip, Slide, Tumble
Author(s): J S Cavalcante
Length: 44,163 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
External Links: online here

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Tip, Slide, Tumble is a Fraser/Ray K story by J S Cavalcante.

Reactions and Reviews

It tells the story of Jackson Brown, an orphaned four year old about to be thrown into an uncaring social services system. It also tells the story of Ray Kowalski, who cannot bear the thought of that happening, who knows that if he lets go of Jackson, he'll never forgive himself, never be able to look at himself in the mirror again. J S does a wonderful job of drawing the reader into Ray's life, into Jackson's life, and showing us how impossible the whole idea seems. Yet with determination and some Mountie stubbornness, Ray finds that together they can do anything, even become the family he's always wanted. [1]
In Chicago post-CotW, Ray considers the possibility of adopting a child. Lots of in-depth character exploration. [2]
... it lives and breathes and grows like a healthy thing does. Because all aspects of the plot are tightly integrated and recognizably human. Because every OC is well written, fully fleshed out, and wonderfully individual. Because Ray gets what he wants, and everyone else gets what they need (and Ray figures out how lucky he is, all things considered). [3]


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