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Name: Tiny Dancer's X-Files Episode Guide/Tiny Dancer's X-Files Transcripts
Owner/Maintainer: Rhonda
Dates: ?-2000?
Fandom: The X-Files
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Tiny Dancer's X-Files Episode Guide (also known as "Tiny Dancer's X-Files Transcripts") was a X-Files website run by Rhonda.

A fan in January 2000's issue of News for the OBSSEsed said the site had been shut down "last month" in one of Viacom's fanwork crackdowns. One version of the website, however, says it was updated on December 12, 2000. [1]

Yet another boring episode guide, you say? Yet another xphile wasting your precious time? Fear not, my friend, you`re on my turf now, you`ll be safe in my hands.

You won`t find any snazzy graphics here, no pictures of the cast, naked or otherwise, just simply all the written info you could need on each and every episode of my favorite show. I will be updating on a regular basis, and will also have info on up-coming shows, where it`s available.

Some of the info contained here came from The X-Files Official Web Site but I also add personal comments and info that comes from my sources. This project began near the end of season three here in North America, but I am working on updating ALL seasons.

I am thrilled to have my very own Ms. X, an "insider" with mucho information that you won`t find on any other episode guide webpage. So far so good, although she does seem to have a scent of Morley`s cigarettes about her person, hmmmm ...

You`ll find a lot of the episode pages include foreign titles and (where available) the English translations. I used Go Translator for the ones I didn`t have the translations for but without the proper accents some of the results didn`t work. Holes will be filled when possible.

I really appreciate the hard work of the following people in obtaining these titles: Boadicea, Jonathan Laughlin, Joshua, Marc-David Jacobs, Dennis Wittig, Spooky Jaina, B�rbel, spooky17, Katherine Barber, Stella Seminara, Christine, Paula "Pau" Ceres, Gabriel Souto, CATSKILL, [email protected], Sami Sorvo, and Anne Troester.

Personally, I found them ALL very interesting, so you`re stuck with `em `cause it`s my darn episode guide!

What follows are not reviews, per se, just my notes and comments, along with LOTS of quotes, my favorite part of the show.

It is assumed you have either seen the episode or don`t mind spoilers, because the following pages are covered in `em, lots of `em, you`ve been warned! [2]


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Mentioned in an Essay

This website was mentioned in an essay in January 2000. Excerpt from Rant Along with CathyB: much of my vexation could be spelled F-O-X:

Speaking of web sites, they may not be all that swift at putting up their own, but they sure know how to shut them down. Yeah, they're fully within their rights, all right -- but other gigantic media conglomerates in their position have, by all accounts, managed to turn the other cheek, without either being sent shivering to the poorhouse because of lost revenues or being beat up on the playground by other gigantic media conglomerates for not being hard-assed enough. Really, the crowning indignity came last month when they shut down Tiny Dancer's marvelous transcript site. Come on, do you know anybody who reads X-Files episode transcripts INSTEAD of watching the show? In fact, do you know anybody who reads them at all who isn't already a diehard fan who'd never dream of missing an episode? Most people I know who frequently read episode transcripts use them to get accurate quotes to put in fanfic or in their sig files, to support an opinion when they're discussing the show, or to (ahem) confirm quotes for a review when they're too lazy to go back and rewatch for the fourth time at 3 in the morning -- not as a substitute for the show itself. In the meantime, other sites have been told not to put up MPEGs of the episode trailers. Excuse me for my limited knowledge of the sparkling world of advertising, but aren't those trailers COMMERCIALS? Commercials for which precious airtime is purchased with hard-earned Fox money? Commercials which they hope will reach the largest possible number of viewers, so that they may entice those viewers into tuning into the advertised episode, thus increasing their ratings, thus enabling them to raise ad rates, yadda yadda yadda? So what, pray tell, is the problem with having someone else do the work to make their commercial available to millions of eager, slavering viewers, without Fox's having to pay a cent for it? And again, how many people do you know who've watched an episode trailer and then said, "Well, now that I've caught a blurry, blue-tinted glimpse of next week's special effect, I certainly don't need to watch the whole EPISODE." Nothing like pissing off legions of fans to help your show be all that it can be. [3]