Timeline of Xena: Warrior Princess Fandom

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Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
Dates: January 1995 - present
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Timeline of Xena: Warrior Princess Fandom

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January 1995

February 1995

March 1995

September 1995

October 1995

  • Xena NetForum debuts.
  • GONEGRA starts the first Xena chat (AOL chat in the Lawless room).

November 1995

December 1995

January 1996

  • Artemis launches her web site.
  • Fans pick the name "Xenite" for themselves during online vote.
  • IRC chats begin

March 1996

  • Arbiter starts second Xena: Warrior Princess mailing list, "Xenaverse"
  • Kym Taborn's Xena Media Review (XMR) premieres. This predates Whoosh!.
  • Lucy Lawless' first message to her fans is posted online.

April 1996

  • Technical problems with the server force "Xenaverse" to shut down.

May 1996

June 1996

  • Tom Simpson starts Tom's Xena Page.
  • Venator starts a new moderated mailing list, "Chakram."
  • Kym Taborn and Tricia Murphy's IAXS Webpage goes online.

June 1997

  • "The first recorded attempt at a true ÜberXena in the Xenaverse was a non-web posted never completed serial short story called "Get Your Kicks on Route 66" by Miss and Aisa, which was released on a private mailing list in early June 1997."[1]

January 1998

  • "Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus" (animate movie) is released, Lawless does the voice of "Xena"

June 2001

  • the last episode of Xena airs