Threading the Needle

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Title: Threading the Needle
Author(s): embroiderama
Date(s): 2007
Length: ~3,900 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: online here

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Threading the Needle is a Supernatural gen story written by embroiderama.

The story was included in the sawedoff recs LJ community's final recommendation post. In 2012, the story was part of a remix challenge and inspired Impossible Possibilities (The Threading the Needle Remix).

Summary: "Sam had never thought of sewing as women's work."

Fandom Reactions

"Teenage Sam takes up embroidery, but with a distinctive Winchester twist. An achy and believable character study of Sam and his relationship with his family, with all the love and anger that entails.:[1]
"Set pre-series, this is a beautifully-woven look at the Winchesters that explores in particular Sam's pov on the dangers of what they do. The cadence of the writing, and the exploration of Sam in the role of family protector, will linger with you."[2]
"Dang. This is awesome. I never expected the direction this was going, simply enjoyed the imagery you painted well enough to take the ride. I loved the voices of teenaged Sam and Anna, as well, so very real-seeming and believable. But the ending? Just ouch. Wonderfully unique little story that touches the heart. Thank you for sharing!"[3]
"just... wow. I love the idea of delicate threads being the only thing holding together Sam's life, and then he rips them apart at the seams... only to sew it back together again."[4]


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