Thoughts Contingent on the Wrong Box

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Title: Thoughts Contingent on the Wrong Box
Publisher: Anime House Press
Author(s): V.M. Wyman
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1994
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Eroica/Lupin III
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Thoughts Contingent on the Wrong Box is a 104-page gen crossover Eroica/Lupin III novel written by V.M. Wyman.

It has 80 pages and is the sequel to "Thoughts Contingent on a Blythe Spirit" which appeared in Guns and Red Roses #2.

Publisher's Description

This hilarious sequel to "Thought Contingent on a Blythe Spirit" (in Guns and Red Roses #2) takes Eroica, the Major and the Lupin III gang on a dangerous hunt for the Ark of the Convenant, stolen from the US Arm warehouse where it has been lying forgotten since it was found by a certain intrepid archaeologist in the 1930s.

Reactions and Reviews

Vickie Wyman wrote two Eroica/Lupin crossovers... Lupin is her main fandom, and she writes Eroica's Dorian very well, but her Klaus is kind of shaky. In the first crossover she wrote, "Thoughts Contingent on a Blithe Spirit", Klaus agrees to allow Lupin to resolve the situation in his own fashion. Never mind that Lupin is a professional thief and Klaus a NATO operative – i.e., a law enforcement professional – and a textbook case of a control freak! But she wanted her beloved Arsene Lupin to save the day, not Klaus. In her second crossover, "Thoughts Contingent on the Wrong Box", she seemed to realize that Klaus wouldn't sit back and let other people run things as long as he was conscious, so she gave him a severe concussion and kept him in a coma for most of the story. These are both good stories, but they are not the best examples of what crossovers should be. [1]


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