This is one of my male characters!

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Title: This is one of my male characters!
Creator: thylovelylionheart
Date(s): 2018 or earlier
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This is one of my male characters! is a tumblr text post by thylovelylionheart. As of August 30, 2018, it had 103,234 notes, including 55,620 likes and 47,543 reblogs.[1] The post reads:

writer: this is one of my male characters! he cares about his guy friends and loves them deeply.

tumblr: oh! so he’s gay!

writer: uh…no, he’s attracted to women.

tumblr: ….so he’s bi!

writer: uhh…no…….he loves his guy friends but he’s not romantically/sexually attracted to them.

tumblr: ….so you’re homophobic.

writer: (A reaction gif)


The post drew many positive responses from tumblr users who felt that women over-sexualize gay men as well as a few pointing out the flagrant homophobic assumptions underlying the argument. Responses touched on fans demanding that their ships be made canon, tumblr being full of shipping, arguments about how much representation there should be in professional media, and call-outs of the original poster for their politics.


  1. ^ An example of a reblog. The original post is no longer up.