These Curious Times Interview with Voordeel

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Title: These Curious Times Interview with Voordeel
Interviewer: Voordeel
Date(s): October 17, 2015
Medium: online
External Links: online here
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These Curious Times Interview with Voordeel ("Is This a Test?") is a 2015 interview with Voordeel.

Part of a Series

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Some Topics Discussed

Excerpt from the Introduction

Vidders are kind of like magicians, transforming canon into something new, something completely different. They can conjure up any mood from images and music, flip angst to humor, humor to tragedy, build connections between characters where before there were none, and make you mash the replay button at the end of their stories, wanting to get lost in those few minutes once more.

A few months ago, I got lucky with another random fandom connection. Voordeel’s Kingsman fanvideo ain’t going back came across my tumblr dash, with reblogging comments ranging from: “If you only watch one fanvid today, MAKE IT THIS ONE!” to “Utter perfection” to “The rhythm, the way visuals and song combine and especially the use of the sync sound effects are just beautiful.” to “MUST. WATCH. (take it from a person who doesn’t watch videos).”

So I hit play, and yes, all of the above, and so much more!


I’d love to know how you got started making videos, when did you start?

I started making fanvids in 2013, when I entered the team for the Whitechapel fandom, (Whitechapel is an awesome British detective TV series) as fan artist for the Fandom Kombat 2013. Fandom Kombat is a huge annual multifandom team challenge, where each team represents certain fandom. I was trying to create some fanart for my team when I thought “Damn! Those crappy drawings are not good enough; I’m not satisfied with my contribution at all! I need to make something else!”

Before I started making fanvideos, I created some fanart stuff, I even had a gallery on DeviantArt. But I was never satisfied with the results of my work, so eventually I dropped it and deleted the gallery. But I still had this urge to create something. And since I always was a huge fan of fanvids, trying to create those seemed like a good idea and I thought I could give it a shot.

So I installed Sony Vegas and started making videos. And I felt so inspired that I made four fanvideos for my team and finally felt pleased with what I’d done. I’ve never uploaded those videos on my channel by the way, not sure why. Maybe it felt like some kind of training for me, before I started uploading anything to my YouTube channel.

Most fic writers I know are extremely collaborative and supportive of each other, betaing and giving advice and help. What is the vidder community like? Do people collaborate or beta watch for eachother (is that even a thing?)

As far as I can see, the vidding community is very supportive and collaborative! The thing is – personally I don’t communicate with many vidders, so I don’t know much about the inner atmosphere of the vidding community. But I’ve seen a lot of times where vidders work together and support each other. For example there are a lot of collabs – videos made by different vidders together. When a few amazing vidders join their skills – the outcome is always breathtaking! Also sometimes other vidders host contests – they come up with the rules and even prizes – and it really unites the vidding community.

Two of my favourite vidders – Pteryx and by pingvi hosted a “Test Your Skills” contest and it was so interesting! For example, there was a round, where you had to choose one colour for the vid and try to pick shots that represent it. You can watch the entries in these playlists: Test Your Skills. How amazing this is?!

Oh and also there’s this thing where popular fanvidders promote amazing but not so popular vidders. This is a really nice trend and it helps the beginners to find their audience.

I love your use of dialogue in your videos, both how you use it to punctuate the beats in the music, and how you create new dialogue. The timing is just brilliant. I mean even the way you paused the line, “Son, just don’t,” with the music for really cool dramatic effect at 1:01. As you can see, I nerd out at the tiniest of details! How do you make the dialogue choices?

I usually try to include things and elements into my videos that I enjoy in fanvids or mashups by other vidders, not just dialogue but also other techniques.

Personally for me it is one of the most (if not THE most) hardest part of making fanvideos – trying to add the dialogue so it will feel on point. For example the absolute goddess of fanviding Pteryx does it outrageously good!!! Dialogue is also incorporated pretty smoothly in the trailer mashup that I mentioned before.

So all of this high quality stuff is really inspirational! And also the dialogue can become one of the most memorable things about a fanvideo if they’ve been incorporated nicely by the vidder.

So as I said it is really not easy to choose what dialogue to use, because you need to consider a lot of stuff while doing it. For example, the dialogue you choose not only has to have some meaning, it also should have clear sound and fitting emphasis, so it will match the rhythm of the music and the video in general.