There Is Too Much Light In This Bar

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Title: There Is Too Much Light In This Bar
Creator: Absolute Destiny
Date: July 6, 2006
Format: mp4
Length: 03:23, 42 MB
Music: "There Is Too Much Light In This Bar" by Whammo
Genre: character study
Fandom: Life on Mars (UK)
Footage: original source material
*Vid on Vidder's Website
*Vidder's Website

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"There Is Too Much Light In This Bar" is a Life on Mars (UK) vid by Absolute Destiny. It is a character study of Sam Tyler and premiered at Vividcon 2006.

Vidder's summary: "Sam Tyler is lost and confused in some distant pop culture nightmare."


  • This vid was recommended by lozenger8 on Crack Van on June 28, 2008: "This is a clever vid that works with an amazing track. The timing is fantastic and the clips are used in a wonderful way. Really, the editing is just stunning. Life on Mars was shot brilliantly anyway, and this vid plays on that and gives it new dimensions. It's fast-paced, it's brutal, it's funny and I love it to teeny, tiny pieces. We have some really remarkable vids in Life on Mars fandom, but this is my favourite of them all."
"First of all, this video isn't worksafe (thanks to some nudity and the lyrics), so know that going in, but it’s definitely worth the watch because it pretty much IS Life on Mars. AbsoluteDestiny manages to capture everything this show is about in just 3 ½ minutes. It’s got the violence, the humour, the homoeroticism (subtextual or otherwise), the relationships, the trippy flashes of Sam's reality fragmenting, and then when you think what you’re watching can’t possibly get any better, Dicko Suave walks—no wait, swaggers in. This is the Life On Mars vid that all other Life On Mars vids want to be when they grow up."