the brave bartender

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Title: the brave bartender
Creator: SayaxSama
Date: December 6, 2013
Format: digital vid
Length: 3:25 min
Music: "Where do I even start" Morgan Taylor Reid
Genre: het
Fandom: The Originals
Footage: The Originals Season 1
URL: the brave bartender (YouTube)

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the brave bartender is a vid by SayaxSama for the The Originals fandom focusing on Klaus/Cami.

As of December 27, 2013, the video has more than 1,200 views. By December 1, 2014 the video has more than 9,000 views, and has 134 likes and only 5 dislikes.


"Don't compel me to forget this... "
"Knowing what you do about this world will only get you killed. And I cannot allow that."

The video focusing on the pairing with various scenes from the first half of Season 1. Over the music playing in background and the different coloring of the scenes, lines spoken between Klaus and Cami can be heard, showing how much their relationship grew on the show. Also briefly heard are voiceovers from Marcellus and Rebekah.

Vidder's note

"The Original is an incredible show! And I liked it more than TDV actually.
I love every relationship on this show : the relationship between Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah. The relationship between Klaus and Marcel, between Marcel and Rebekah, Between Elihaj and Hayley -- they are so cute together ! Also the relationship between Marcel and Davina, I love her so much ! I even like her relationship with Tim and Josh :D I hope she will became friend with Hayley :P. I also like the relationship between Rebekah and Hayley, and of course the relationship between Klaus and Cami!
The writers do an amazing job with this two. Cami is such an incredible character! So strong, and smart, and she's also the only one in the all TVD/TO history who truly understand Klaus and never considered him as the bad guy ! I think she can help him. I don't know if I see them in romantic relationship, but I know I love the bond they share ! It's so interesting. And their last scene in the last episode, was : WAHOU ! This is just too beautiful ! I want more of them !
Even if I'm a Klaroline shipper, I think for now Cami is right for him."


beautiful video[1]
wouah your video is beautiful , you really captured the complexity of their relationship !! Great job , it's just amazing ! Love these two together ! [2]
Amazing Cami/Klaus vid… [3]
I don’t really ship them, but damn. This video is amazing![4]
J'adore ta vidéos! Ce que t'as fais est magnifique, j'aime Cami et Klaus, bien qu'au départ j'avais peur qu'il force la relation, je suis heureuse qu'on est un beau développement de leurs amitié et peut-être plus. Encore une fois ta vidéos est géniale! :)[5]


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