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Issue 71/72

front cover issue #71/72, E. Silas Smith
back cover issue #71/72, K.R. Stuterbeck

The World of Dark Shadows 71/72 was published in August 1995 and contains 168 pages. The art is by Lucidscreamer, Joe Blasy, Bill Branch, Jan Dann, Donna Galentine, Donna DeVault Hensley, Warren Oddsson (Inside Front Cover. Inside Back Cover), Paul Palumbo, Sherlock, K.R. Stuterbeck (Back Cover), E. Silas Smith (Front Cover).

  • Editorial
  • Festival Memories - Photos by Jan Dann, Sue Mascola, Kristi Nelson
  • Mary Overstreet., Marcy Robin, Donna Sprinkle
  • 'Dark Shadows: The Soap Opera, The Horror Show - Article by Denise Noe
  • "Dark Shadows Bibliography" - DS mentions In Books
  • "Quotes: Featuring Lisa Richards
  • 'From The Scrapbook: Featuring Alexandra Moltke
  • 'Behind the Scenes' - Photo Feature
  • '1970 Parallel Time' - Photo Feature
  • THE MASTER'S PLAN - fiction by Terry S. Bowers
  • TWO FUGITIVES - Fiction by Dave Brown
  • WHEN MAGDA MET JULIA - Fiction by M.J. Reid
  • To Olivia: Somewhere In Time' - Poetry by R. Bryan Billings
  • THE STRANGER IN THE MIRROR Chapters 9&10 - Fiction by M.J. Reid
  • ANOTHER CHANCE - Fiction by Rebecca Elsenhuth
  • PARALLEL TIME WARP - Fiction by Cheryl Kelper Bunyan
  • THE FACE IN THE PORTRAIT - Fiction by Kristen Harbor
  • THE BOOK OF WISHES - Fiction by Deborah Hunt
  • "Mum's The Word' - Fiction by E. DeJesus
  • THE EVIL DOWN BEDFORD WAY - Fiction by S. Ramskill
  • The Collinsport Debating Society"
  • "Shadowed Queries' -A Column by R. Bryan Billings
  • "Dark Shadows Fan Questionnaires"
  • "Writings on the Wall"- Letters of Comment
  • "How Dark Shadows Influenced Me"
  • Dark Shadows: The New Generation - Featuring Jenny Brown, Laramie Carlson, Elizabeth Kelsey, Lorelei Larking, and Karen Martin
  • Showing the Light Through: An Appreciation of Grayson Hall - by S. R. Shutt (150)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 71/72

As always the stories are great. I can't wait to know how "The Stranger in the Mirror" is going to end. I hope he gets his memory back. And "The Master's Plan" was wonderful. I always wonder if Julia had become a vampire if she would have attached Barnabas. [1]

All of the features make for very satisfying reading. Of the stories, the one I like best is the continuing story. "The Stranger in the Mirror". I think the author, M.J. Reid, should have been writing for the TV series, along with Sam Hall and son et al. It's so easy to picture the story on the screen, played by the familiar actors "Dark Shadows", both the old and new series. The characters in the story "live" just IS any self-respecting "Dark Shadows" fan would expect the characters of the TV series would do. It's great' [2]

Issue 73

The World of Dark Shadows 73 was published in June 1996 and contains 72 pages.

front cover of issue 73, Anne Marie Erental
back cover of issue #73, K.R. Sluterbeck

The art is by Anne Marie Erental, K.R. Sluterbeck, Bill Branch, Steve Cawthon, Donne DeVault Hensley, M. Neves, Warren Oddson, and Sherlock.

  • Editorial 2
  • 'Tribute To Clarice Blackburn" - Article by Bill Branch 4
  • "Timothy Gordon: 1922 - 1993" 6
  • Remembering Timothy Gordon" by Therese' Heywood 6
  • 'To Err Is Human, To Bewitch is Divine' by Martha Pfeiffer 8
  • "Dark Shadows Memories' - Letters from Jeffrey Kasten, Kenneth Tucker and Dorothy Larsen 9
  • 'Kindred Spirits' - fiction by M.J. Reid 10
  • Remembrance of Things Future" - fiction by M.J. Reid 11
  • "Festival Memories' - Letters & Photo Feature 13
  • 'Collinsport College Catalog" - humor by Bob Champ 18
  • 'Torment Reversed' - Fiction by Daniel Oliveira 20
  • 'Fast Friends" - Fiction by Mary Easley 22
  • 'Nightmare Awakening' - Fiction by Alan Gallant 23
  • "The Spot' - Fiction by E. DeJesus 26
  • "Revelations" - Fiction by Gordon R. Dymowski 27
  • "War" - Fiction by Terry S, Bowers 30
  • 'The Return* - Fiction by Eve Prietz 33
  • "Vampire Villanelle" - Poetry by Sandy Adams 35
  • "Hey Maggie' and 'Quentin's Ballad' - Filksongs by Linda Cuson 38
  • 'Spotlight On... Grayson Hall' - Photo Feature, courtesy Julia Bosley Collins 39
  • 'Fade Out' - Fiction by Terry Bowers 42
  • 'No Sign of Light" - Fiction by S. Ramskill 45
  • 'A Price to Pay" - Fiction by S. Ramskill 55
  • 'Bond' - Fiction by E. DeJesus 65
  • Filksongs. "Jeremiah Was A Zombie' by Sandy Adams and 'Barnabas' Love Song to Josette" by Linda Cuson 66
  • 'Shadowed Queries' - Q&A Column by Richard Billings 67
  • Photo Feature: Barbara Steele 69
  • Photo Feature: Quentin Collins, 1897 (photos by Trina Curry) 70

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 73

As usual, it was a treat. The "retro" look was actually kind of nice, a breath of nostalgia. It reminded me of when I first became a DS fan back in 1982 and got my very first issue of the 'zine. Still, it'll be nice to get back to the "double-issue" format, simply because of the greater length; the last ish was gone in no time! [3]

I loved the stories in this issue. "The Return", "Revelations", "War", "No Sign of Light" (I loved the ending with the cat! She [acts] just like my cat with the vet!) So many Julia stories! And rich, complex ones, too. I can hardly resist Reading them - like dipping into a giant box of dark chocolates when you're starving for them. Thank you! I also enjoyed the stories about Quentin and Magda. Ms. Reid does such a good job - and Quentin is a hard character to write well because he is so stereotyped. Eliot, too. What a joy to see a well done story about him. Both complex men. I was just thrilled with this issue. Also it was a joy to read Ms. Ramskill's "drawing out" of Sam Hall's article. ABOUT TIME! Fascinating. Here's Dan Curtis' new mini-series - that's my input to him. [4]

Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed TWODS #73 As always, the artwork was wonderful. I enjoyed the Bill Branch cartoons (though I didn't "get" the one on the inside back cover). DS fandom has so much talent among its rank! My favorite fiction was S. Ramskill's "No Sign of Light/A Price to Pay". I loved [Lucidsreamer's] filksong "Jeremiah Was a Zombie". My children must have thought I'd finally lost my marbles as I sang it aloud to them! [5]

Issue 74

The World of Dark Shadows 74 was published in August 1997 and contains 72 pages.

front cover of issue #74
back cover of issue #74
  • Editorial 2
  • David Selby in 'Lincoln and James' - a review by Marcy Robin 3
  • Jim Fyfe in 'Romeo and Juliet' - a review by Pam Jarman 5
  • Julianna McCarthy in 'The Foreigner" - a review by Pam Jarman 7
  • Dennis Patrick in "Fiogs" - a review by Charlotte Robnett 7
  • 'The Majenta Jets and Dark Shadows' by Robin Beacham 8
  • 'Impressions of the Majenta Jets Album' - a review by Joan Enright 11
  • Marie Wallace in 'Arsenic and Old Lace' - a review by Andrea Guffey 11
  • "Weekend in Newport' - a report by Roland Mantovani 12
  • Festival Memories and Other Letters 14
  • Fan Club Reports: Pittsburg PA; Southern California 15
  • Local Fan Club Information 16
  • THE STRANGER IN THE MIRROR Chapters 11 and 12, Fiction by M.J. Reid 19
  • 'Lupus Domesticus" - Poetry by Meghan Powell-Nivling 35
  • KNOW YE ALL - Fiction by Daniel Oliveira 39
  • MEETING - Fiction by Terry S. Bowers 44
  • UNUSUAL FRIENDSHIP by Terry S. Bowers 48
  • 'Angelique's Lament' and "Josette's Memory" by Heidi J. Helmick 50
  • FADE AWAY AND RADIATE - Fiction by Jay Keaveny 51
  • "Laura's Candlesong" by Heidi J. Helmick 58
  • THE RIGHT OF PASSAGE - Fiction by Tom Hotz 59
  • 'Who is Who?' - A Puzzle by Sue Guentner 61
  • "Big Green Blob" - a Filksong by Kathy Szinnyey 63
  • REUNION - Fiction by Mary Easley 64
  • THOUGHTS ON 1840 - AND THE INFAMOUS 1797 - Article by Kay Kelly 65
  • 'In The Library" - Article by Terry S. Bowers 69
  • Letters of Comment 70

Issue 75/76

back cover of Issue 75-76, Donna DeVault Hensley
front cover of Issue 75-76, K.R. Sluterbeck

The World of Dark Shadows 75/76 was published in 1997 and contains 146 pages. Front cover by K.R. Sluterbeck, back cover by Donna DeVault Hensley. Other art by Dave Billman, Alise Dinsmore, Warren Oddsson, and Brianna Wynman.

  • Editorial (2)
  • Jichael Stroka Obituary (2)
  • Dark Shadows At Collins Hall: Art Wallace's 'Shadows on the Wall' Article by Alan Hayes (8)
  • Festival Memories" - Letters & Photos (10)
  • 'Barnabas' Curse" - Filksong by Linda Cuson (19)
  • THE STRANGER IN THE MIRROR Chapters 13 and 14 - Fiction by M.J. Reid (20)
  • Bats in the Cradle" - Filksong by E. DeJesus (46)
  • "Hunger on the Jetty" - Filksong by E. DeJesus (47)
  • THE EXPERIMENT - Fiction by Kristen Harber (47)
  • Josette's Theme" - Poetry by Lucidscreamer (61)
  • Ode From Widow's Hill" - Poetry by Jim Hunter (66)
  • ASHES TO ASHES, AND DUST... - Fiction by Peggy Ann Van Vlack (67)
  • NICOLE by Joyce Fink (74)
  • SHADOWS OF THE HEART - Fiction by Lucidscreamer (87)
  • LEAVE YESTERDAY BEHIND - Fiction by M.J. Reid (88)
  • Rosette's Theme" - Poetry by John M. Day (93)
  • UNITED PURPOSE - Fiction by Terry S. Bowers (94)
  • UP-DATE - Fiction by Terry S. Bowers (98)
  • SPIRIT ALLIANCE - Fiction by Mary Easley (101)
  • THE DARK SHADOWS COLLECTOR'S SERIES - Article by David Hofstede (102)
    • Barnabas Collins: A Bite Out of Reality" - Article by Melissa Holzen (125)
    • Quentin Collins & The Curse of the Full Moon" - Fiction by Jacqueline Batinich (128)
  • 'I Used To Run Home From School..." (136)
  • Letters of Comment (137)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 75/76

I don't know whether I ever wrote and told you how much I liked the look of this issue. The cover, layout, etc were just gorgeous! In some ways I found the content disappointing. I was surprised that M. J. Reid turned the excellent Stranger in the Mirror series into a Quantum Leap crossover tale (a maneoeuvre that weakened the splendid dramatic sweep of the narrative, which had me on the edge of my seat for months on end). David Hofstede's piece on the Collectors Series tapes seemed feeble to me. But have seen hardly any of those tapes, so who am I to judge? Warren Oddson's "Food Fight!" cartoon on the inside back cover was a gas. I laugh every time I look at it. I can just imagine how JF would yell that, too! TWODS is one of the treasures of fandom, and I love all your publications. [6]

I particularly enjoyed Kristen Harber's "The Experiment". Kristen's imaginative story vividly illustrates how disastrous it would have been if Barnabas had actually used Jeff Clark as a "body part donor" in Dr. Lang's experiment. I often wondered how everyone at Collinwood would have accepted Jeff, if he showed up now standing 6'6", and weighing in at around 230 pounds. (They probably would have thought that Jeff was taking steroids!) I particularly enjoyed the article on the meaning and origin of Magda Rakosi's so-called "hand gesture". This European gesture is generally thought of as being a way of placing a curse on one's enemy (as Magda did when she cursed Quentin Collins.) However, my grandfather once told me of another interpretation of this gesture in Italy. The Italians refer to the gesture as "como d'oro", which means "horn of gold" or "the golden horns" in English. It is used by one man to insult another man. An Italian will "flash" this gesture at another man, when he believes that the other fellow's wife has been cheating on him. Or if I may attempt to explain the insult in terms of "Dark Shadows", Carl 'The Comedian" Collins might have "flashed" the "golden horns" at his older brother Edward, knowing that Edward's wife, Laura, had made a cuckold of him, by having an affair with baby brother Quentin. [7]

TWODS #75/76 is terrific! UNITED PURPOSE and UP-DATE by Terry S. Bowers were extra-special treats, like discovering "lost" episodes from the 1840 storyline. David Hofstede's witty reviews of the "Collector's Series" are sheer delight. He has a great sense of humor and a keen eye for all the details that make up DS. [8]

My first issue of TWODS arrived last week and it just bowled me over. Every article and story demonstrates the care and devotion which all DS fans, and yourself in particular, devote in sharing their enthusiasm with others.

It was especially gratifying to read "Shadows of the Heart" by [Lucidscreamer] and discover I'm not the only Burke Devlin/Victoria Winters fan out there. My favorite couples in DS seem to be the ones who get the least attention; Burke and Victoria, Victoria and Peter, and Josette and Jeremiah. The Josette and Jeremiah scenes after their marriage have stayed in my memory as poignant and so sad .

Perhaps they are so memorable because I became aware of DS through the 1990 revival on NBC, with Adrian Paul and Joanna Going giving such wonderful performances. While I can't remember rushing home to watch DS, I vividly recall making sure I caught every new episode, even when NBC made it hard to find on the schedule. Since the revival led me to the original DS on the Sci-Fi Channel years later, I've never considered it a failure. Thanks again for such a neat fanzine; I look forward to the next issue. [9]

Issue 81/82/83/84

back cover of issue 81-84, Sheila Marion Welch
front cover of issue 81-84, David Cuccia

Issue 77/78/79/80

The World of Dark Shadows 77/78/79/80 was published in 1999. The art is by Dave Billman, Terry Cogliano, Jeri Cooper, Bob Du Bois, Jane Lach, and Warren Oddsson.

front cover of issue 77/78/79/80, Jane Lach
back cover of issue 77/78/79/80, Warren Oddsson
  • Editorial (3)
  • JONATHAN FRID IN 'FOOLS & FIENDS' - HALLOWEEN, 1999 by Dean Wilson (4)
  • CINDERELLA HAD A BALL (Report by Sharon Barry) (16v
  • JONATHAN FRID: IN PERFORMANCE (Report by Diane Passamonte) (17)
  • JONATHAN FRID PERFORMS (Report by Jodi Venham-Cunningham) (18)
  • A NEW BOOK ON JONATHAN FRID (By Malia Howard) (19)
  • DAVID SELBY: 'A LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT' (Report by Dorothy Kearney) (21)
  • DAVID SELBY: "A LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT' (Report by Nancy McKenney) (22)
  • DAVID SELBY'S NEW BIOGRAPHY "In and Out of the Shadows' (Update by Marcy Robin) (23)
  • NANCY BARRET CAME TO MY HOMETOWN! (Report by Eric Barg) (25v
  • NANCY BARRET'S COFFEYVILLE CONCERT (Report by Linda Sue Elder) (26)
  • REPORT: NANCY BARRET'S PERFORMANCE (By Emily Bredfeldt) (26)
  • LARA PARKER'S NOVEL "ANGELIQUE'S DESCENT' (Update by Marcy Robin) (27)
  • LARA PARKER & "ANGELIQUE' DESCENT" (Report by Margaret Kolby) (27)
  • NEW DARK SHADOWS NOVEL (Update by Marcy Robin) (28)
  • MARIE WALLACE IN "ARSENIC AND OLD LACE" (Review by Andrea Guffey) (30)
  • MEETING CHARLES RANDOLPH GREAN (Report by Bob Issel) (31)
  • LYNDHURST-YOU CAN HELP(Report by Connie Reik) (32)
  • A YOUNG FAN'S ODYSSEY TO FIND COLLINWOOD (Article by Michael Miozza) (33)
  • WHERE IS COLLINWOOD? (Article by Michael Culhane) (36)
  • DARK SHADOWS AND ME (Article by Jeffrey Kasten) (37)
  • THE DS FESTIVAL'S DAY TRIP TO NEWPORT, RI (report by Sheila Welch) (37)
  • I ONCE THOUGHT THAT GERARD WAS A GOOD GUY (Article by David Block) (38)
  • 'Letters of Comment - The Dark Shadows Festival" (39)
  • SHADOW AND SUBSTANCE (Fiction by Marjo Reid) (40)
  • THE GOVERNESS (Fiction by Eric Olson) (89)
  • SHOWER GIFT (Fiction by Jay Keaveny) (90)
  • HOMECOMING (Fiction by Terry S. Bowers) (91)
  • NAMESAKE (Fiction by Kay Kelly) (95)
  • BATTLEROAD (Fiction by Terry Cogliano) (97)
  • FILKSONGS by Linda Cuson (I'm Holding Out For A Victim/Vampire' and 'Quentin's Ballad") (98)
  • BITTER END (Fiction by Kay Kelly) (100)
  • THE LITTLE GREEN MAN! (Fiction by Rob Haycock) (105)
  • THE LOST BOY (Fiction by E. Dejesus) (106)
  • THE DIARY(Fiction by Mary Easley) (107)
  • 'Barnabas' (Poetry by Emily Bredfeldt) (109)
  • SWEET DREAMS (Fiction by Jay Keaveny) (110)
  • IN PLAIN SIGHT (Fiction by Jay Keaveny) (110)
  • "A Bit of Craziness" by Emily Bredfeldt (111)
  • Crossword Puzzle by James Mayor 112
  • "Dark Shadows - Connecticut Style" (Article by T.J. Banks) (116)
  • 'The New Fan" (Article by Myra Armstrong) (116)
  • "Dark Shadows in the Family' by Kristin Doyle (117)
  • "Letters of Comment" (118)

The World of Dark Shadows 81/82/83/84 was published in July 2000 and contains 122 pages. ART by Branch, Barbara Gerner, Mary Overstreet, Davide Cuccia - Cover, Nancy Mangieri, Sheila Marion Welch - Back Cover.

  • Editorial (3)
  • Dark Shadows Books: The Latest (4)
  • Curious Journey by Malia Howard; Angelique's Descent; My Boy Willie, etc.
  • Jonathan Frid in "Fools and Fiends" - Crawfordsville, Indiana (10-30-99) - Transcript by Marlene MacKinnon (8)
  • Reports by Malia Howard, Sharon Barry, Jacqueline Holcomb, Linda Sue Elder, Emily Bredfeldt, Bode Gibbs, Phil Myers, Susan Quick Dolen
  • Frightvision Convention Report - Jeff O'Dell, Perry Edelbergs (14)
  • This Vampire!" - Humor by Nikki White (17)
  • "Louis Edmonds: Soaps and Songwriting" - Article by David Block (19)
  • "Eye on Sharon Smyth" - Article by David Block (20)
  • "Shock" - Fiction by Mary Elizabeth Overstreet (21)
  • 'Dream Curse" - Fiction by Jay Keaveny (50)
  • "A Small Treatise On Lying" - Fiction by Travis Fanshawe (51)
  • "Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot" - Fiction by Alan Gallant (67)
  • "Family of the Bride" - Fiction by M.J. Reid (71)
  • "Payback" - Fiction by Jay Keaveny (85)
  • "Eye of the Beholder" - Fiction by S. Ramskill (86)
  • "Sleeping Arrangements" - Fiction by Terry S. Bowers (96)
  • "Second Chance" - Fiction by Kay Kelly (101)
  • "Try, Try Again" - Fiction by Kay Kelly (102)
  • "Homecoming" - Fiction by Jay Keaveny (108)
  • "Where Times Converge" - Fiction by Terry Cogliano (109)
  • "Wanderers" - Fiction by Lucidscreamer (111)
  • "Josette's Theme" - Lyrics by Chad Elliott (112)

Issue 85/86/87/88

back cover of issues 85-88, Sheila Mario
front cover of issues 85-88, Davide Cuccia

The World of Dark Shadows 85/86/87/88 was published in August 2001 and contains 110 pages. The art is by Davide Cuccia - Cover, Janet Meehan, Dan Silvio, Kay Sluterbeck, and Sheila Marion Welch - Frontispiece, Back Cover.

  • Editorial (3)
  • Remembering Louis Edmonds (4)
  • Excerpts from "Big Lou" by Craig Hamrick (7)
  • Jonathan Frid's 2001 U.S. One-Man Reader's Theatre Shows (includes reviews of his Daiton show, and the play "Mass Appeal" (22)
  • US Star (Kathryn Leigh Scott) Attends Frightvision 2001 (37)
  • St Nicholas - a report by Margaret Cole (David Selby play) (38)
  • LOST IN A MASQUERADE - fiction by Marjo Reid (40)
  • CHOICES - fiction by Jau Keaveny (46)
  • For Children - poetry Lauren Agoratus (46)
  • ABATTOIR - fiction by N.J. Nidiffer (47)
  • THE JOKE - fiction by N.J. Nidiffer (48)
  • LET'S PLAY - fiction by E. DeJesus (51)
  • ORDINARY MALADY - fiction by N.J. Nidiffer (52)
  • Barnabas' Lament - poetry by Michael East (54)
  • NIGHTS LIKE THESE - fiction by E. DeJesus (55)
  • CHEERS - fiction by Jay Keaveny (56)
  • GRIEF ENCOUNTER - fiction by E. DeJesus (57)
  • SERVED COLD - fiction by Terry S. Bowers (58)
  • JOURNEY'S END - fiction by Terry S. Bowers (60)
  • Barnabas: Hatred/Struggle - poetry by Michelle Alexander (64)
  • FORGOTTEN GLORY - fiction by Mary Easley (65)
  • HAPPILY EVER AFTER - fiction by Jay Keaveny (66)
  • ETERNAL BOND - fiction by Terry S. Bowers (67)
  • VAMPIRE GUESTS - fiction by Terry S. Bowers (78)
  • Comes To Me In Darkness - poetry by Jane Rowan (82)
  • SECRET ROOM SOLILOQUY - fiction by Mary E. Overstreet (83)
  • Memories - poetry by Joyce Frohn (85)
  • HONKY TONK ANGEL - fiction by Carol H. Monterosso (86)
  • Angelique's Lament - poetry by Gordon Dymowski (87)
  • JULIA'S WEDDING - fiction by Laramie Carlson
  • SLEEPING LIKE THE DEAD - Fiction by Jay Keaveny (89)
  • ONE SNOWY MORNING - fiction by Laramie Carlson (90)
  • JIM STORM: MUSIC AND ACTING by David Block (100)
  • FILKSONG - We Didn't Start The Fire Part II by David Short (101)
  • THE ABCs of DARK SHADOWS by John Shawstad (103)
  • Editorial (continued) (104)


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