The World at Large

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Title: The World at Large
Author(s): Cherry Ice
Date(s): February 13, 2006
Genre: gen
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The World at Large is an SGA story by cherryice written from the point of view of Aiden Ford. It has background John/Rodney.

The story was originally posted for sga_flashfic's Post Secret challenge.

Reactions and Reviews

The original sga_flashfic community post generated 171 comments. Example:

I love this story so much. It's quiet and small but there's so much truth it in and so many angles that we never think to look at - what Ford did at the SGC before Atlantis, and what kind of man Sumner was when he was alive, and all the people on Earth who matter and who influence who we all are, the decisions we make, and the fight we pick. I'm totally enchanted.[1]

In August 2006, druidspell wrote a commentary for the story in the DVD Commentary Challenge.[2]

In 2007, the story was listed in sgatlantislight's "Newbie Guide: Essential Ford Fics."[3]

In 2015:

What Stuck With Me and Why: I wonder if anyone remembers this fic beyond me. A lot of this list [of my recs] are pretty big names, but this one after I finished reading it, I just went... "oh." And then shifted the way I think about pairings. The premise is that Ford, though he keeps it to himself, has had close gay friends, and therefore doesn't especially give a shit that his teammates are having wild monkey sex, or whatever the hell. And it's a nice look at Ford and has a Col. Sumner moment that I appreciate (I liked Col. Sumner!). But when I was writing the rec, I called it a "slash" story because of the background pairing, even though it had nothing to do with the story really, which was about Ford. At the same time, I'd written a fic wherein Sam Winchester was married to a woman, and called it "gen" because it was about the woman, and not especially the relationship. And I looked at both stories and sort of squinted, and thought, Welp. There's heteronormality for you. Or something of that kind. I probably didn't know that heteronormal or hetrocentric were words. Anyway, it's a neat little story that challenges some pigeon-holes Ford got jammed into, and some my brain had apparently made on their own. [4]


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