The Wonders At Your Feet

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Anime Music Video
Title: The Wonders At Your Feet
Creator: Sir Lagsalot
Date: 30 September 2005
Format: digital vid
Length: 3:41 min
Music: The Wonders At Your Feet by Dark Tranquillity
Fandom: Berserk
Footage: Berserk Manga scans
URL: The Wonders At Your Feet (
The Wonders At Your Feet (YouTube)

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The Wonders At Your Feet is a Berserk action AMV that focuses on the violent and brutal aspects of the series. The AMV was originally posted to and later uploaded to YouTube in 2006. The YouTube upload wasn't done by the creator of the AMV.

Although there is a Berserk anime series, this vid was created solely with scenes from the Berserk manga. The creator used many different and highly sophisticated techniques to help achieve motion or a sense of motion, including pans & zooms, distortion effects, animation created by using multiple layers, and adding moving rain/blowing grit.[1] In addition to that there are several fast cuts in some of the fight scenes that create the illusion of movement. The result is quite impressive.


The main character, Guts, escaped a cataclysmic event but he didn't escape unscathed; he lost an arm and an eye, he has been branded with a symbol that marks him as a demon sacrifice, and the betrayal of his best friend cuts deep. Now everything dark and evil feels drawn to him and tries to kill him, which means he has to constantly fight for his life and he can't seek out the company of other humans because that would put them in danger. There are characters who stick with him anyway, unlikely friendships, fragile bonds, beauty, and a will to live that's too strong to be denied, but the vid only focuses on the dark side of the curse. All the death and violence surrounding Guts make it appear that he is the source of the evil that is plaguing the land and people hunt him because of it. The woman at the beginning of the vid is an inquisitor who wants to stop him but she is blinded by her faith and can't believe in these dark forces that haunt Guts. The vid shows the ugly reality she refuses to see.


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