The Warden's Pet

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Title: The Warden's Pet
Author(s): Chris Kessler
Date(s): April 1991
Length: 5 pages
Fandom: Blake's 7
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The Warden's Pet is a Blake's 7 Vila/OC, Avon/Vila story by Chris Kessler.

It was published in Southern Comfort #6.5

Reactions and Reviews

vila gets imprisoned (this is a very popular theme this zine) and is raped by various people until eventually he's rescued by avon, who pats him a bit. i skipped... most of this, although i glanced at the words on the final pages to see whether fanlore was right (i take my archiving job seriously) and found that fanlore was correct - it was indeed an avon/vila fic. i guess. though there is no actual avon/vila sex.

old fandom loves a prison-rape scene to bring about feelings. i really don't.

on a similar note, i'm willing to tolerate brothel stories (particularly if the premise is 'they dont want to admit they are into each other, so they have sex with someone else to try and get past it - rather than 'avon is enslaved and has to have sex with blake as a client'... slave fic is a little bit different and perhaps better)(there is actually a blake/prostitute!jenna one in this very zine, but it is slightly cleverer than just 'jenna is kidnapped and has to sex blake'), but i could also live if i never read one again. [1]


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