The Unbroken Thread (Professionals story)

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The Professionals Fanfiction
Title: The Unbroken Thread
Author(s): Anonymous
Date(s): 1986
Length: 12 typewritten pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
External Links: on the ProsLib CD

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The Unbroken Thread is a Professionals story by Anonymous.

It was published in The Hatstand Express Fiction Supplement #7.


"Nuclear war starts but C has it all prepared -- CI5 holes up in Scotland and weathers it as well as possible, still it is rather bad. Through it all, B&D stay together. The whole survival years are told through B's diary."[1]

Reactions and Reviews

Just got to read Fiction Supplement 7 — wonderful! Especially the story, "The Unbroken Thread." No story, Pro or otherwise, has stayed with me so clearly or for so long! When I began it, I was as confused as poor Bodie as to what Cowley and Ray were on about, but when I got to the end and THAT SCENE — you know the one — I swear a light bulb went off over my head! Oh, so that's what they were talking about! Oh, my GOD! He was gonna leave them there! He was gonna go off and leave them! Just because they were gay! I can kinda understand his point of view. I mean, in a world where every mouthful has to be justified, two men who can produce no children are a severe liability. But, still, he should have given them the chance to be heard. If Ray hadn't known what the old goat was up to, he and Bodie would have died along with Turner and whoever else was left behind in London. Nuff said, but...God, is this a fantastic, you-gotta-either-love-it-or-hate-it-and-God-do-I-love-it story! [2]
Chilling, but with a bit of promise that maybe some will survive a holocaust. Interesting that it was Ray who twigged and pushed for being taken along with the survivors, knowing their relationship was why Cowley planned to leave them. [3]


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