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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Two Broomsticks
Author: Sansa and Empathic Siren
Dates: July 2007[1] – present
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL:, (2007-2009)
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The Two Broomsticks is the website for Empathic Siren and Sansa's Harry Potter fanfiction. It shares a name with the authors' Yahoo! Group, The Two Broomsticks.

The site was designed and maintained by magic_helmet.[2] Sansa wrote in June 2006:

"When empathic_siren and I began to talk about a website for our fanfic, it was magic_helmet to the rescue again! With nothing more than a few basic suggestions, she built a website from scratch just for us. She individually coded and uploaded every single story we've ever written, nearly one million words of fic. Later, she endured endless tweaking as we fussed and played until we were completely satisfied. And she did it all with virtual smile firmly in place."[3]

The site was started on GeoCities in 2007 and later moved to SlashCity, where it is still online but no longer updated since Sansa and Empathic Siren's retirement from Harry Potter fandom in 2009.[4]

Although only Sansa's and Empathic Siren's author pages are linked from the site's homepage, NestingHedwig's fanfiction is also hosted on the site.[5]

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