The Trials of Willie Loomis

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Title: The Trials of Willie Loomis
Creator: Scareolyn
Date: 2008
Format: online
Length: 5:08
Music: "Clocks" by Coldplay
Fandom: Dark Shadows
URL: youtube link

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The Trials of Willie Loomis is a 2008 Dark Shadows by Scareolyn focusing on the character of Willie Loomis.


"Aw, wonderful! Very nice video. Willie's an interesting character. I can't find all the episodes of DS anywhere, but from what I've seen so far, it's an interesting transition that happens to Willie through the show. He starts off a criminal, then becomes enslaved, and through this enslavement (though painful and horrible at times (especially in the beginning)) he seems to become a better human being! Great development. And I think your video captures his trials very well!"[1]

"Oh my, I love this! This song is one of my favorites as well. The clip transitions are superb. They linger with each other in a flowing rhythm. I love all the scenes with Jason here. There aren't enough creative videos like this with him. Ooh, even a clip of Roger for good measure. This is going with my favorites."[2]


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