The Taming

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: The Taming
Author(s): Charlotte Frost
Date(s): 1989
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Taming is a Kirk/Spock story by Charlotte Frost.

It was published in the print zine Way of the Warrior #2.


"M/U After the incident with this universe, Marlena is banished from the Enterprise and Spock finally decides that forceful measures are needed to ensure the continution of Kirk as his lover."

From the Author

THE TAMING – My vague recollection of what this story is about – it’s a mirror universe – would probably give it a bdsm label today. We weren’t so obsessed with labels back in the olden days. Anyway, I don’t remember much, except there being that thin “rape” line. [1]

Reactions and Reviews

When it comes down to it, this is another story where Kirk gets raped by Spock and they live happily ever after. The fact that it takes place in the Mirror a/u may make the idea that Spock would rape Kirk more believable, but nothing would make Kirk's reaction believable. Spock tries to prove that Kirk is safe with him by tying him up and raping him. That's incongruous enough. "Yet it's Kirk believing that Spock is safe and worthy of trust after such an experience that is especially bothersome. Fans might argue that Kirk's reaction afterward proves Spock's hypothesis in the story that Kirk really wanted to be raped. They also might argue that if Kirk really wanted it, then it wasn't rape. Well, it seems to me that when a man says that he doesn't want to do such a thing, as Kirk did, it's rape regardless of what the perpetrator thinks. Spock wasn't in telepathic contact with Kirk at that time. How did he know what Kirk wanted? I'm sorry. I just don't buy the entire concept. [2]
What Spock does to Kirk is rape. He ties Kirk face-down on his bed; while bound, Kirk is subjected to all sorts of touching, bringing an involuntary arousal which deeply shames him. Although no actual penile penetration has occurred while Kirk is tied, this still constitutes rape. The effect on Kirk would be the same as an actual forced penetration; he does not have choice to comply (or not comply) with the sexual probing. After this assault, Spock unties Kirk and fucks him, even though Kirk still says "no." Kirk is doubly raped. Spock relies on his superior strength to force his will, even though Kirk is now untied. Rape stories, in themselves, don't bother me, as long as either the rapist makes amends or else the author makes it clear that the rapist has committed an unethical act. Spock shows no remorse whatsoever for his act; his "punishment" for the rape is to have his victim fall in love with him. The rape supposedly leads to true love. I find this sort of scenario quite unbelievable. [3]
This one is a follow on to the episode "Mirror Mirror" set in the mirror universe after the Mirror Kirk is back in his own universe. It starts off with his meeting with Mariena whom he is not very pleased with for telling the other Kirk about the Tantalus Field. Rather uncharacteristically he decides not to kill her, instead he gives her some money and drops her off on Rigel to start a new life, something which puzzles Spock at first. The rest of the story deals with Kirk and Spock's somewhat unusual relationship. Although they are lovers, Kirk has always refused to submit to Spock and this is beginning to annoy him; he wants to possess Kirk completely, and ultimately bond with him but Kirk does not trust him enough for this.

Rather than forcing Kirk to submit, Spock tells him that unless they can have an equal relationship, he would prefer they do not have a relationship at all. Although Kirk typically tries very hard not to be bothered about this, of course he is and must ultimately decide what is most important to him, does he trust the Vulcan enough to agree to a full and equal relationship or not? This was an enjoyable look at the mechanics of their relationship in this other very different universe where, surprisingly, they are not so different after all from the Kirk and Spock we know so well.

One of the advantages of Mirror stories is that they can take Kirk and Spock in a slightly different direction than is possible in the "normal" universe and explore a darker side of their relationship. This particular author has successfully combined elements of both sets of Kirk and Spock from widely different environments and create rounded and believable characters who interact in a realistic way. [4]


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