The Stargate Atlantis Tarot

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Fan Art
Title: The Stargate Atlantis Tarot
Date(s): 04 July 2011
First Published:
Medium: Digital: Photo manipulation/composite digital graphics
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: The Stargate Atlantis Tarot (LiveJournal)
SGA Tarot.jpg
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The Stargate Atlantis Tarot is a fanart Tarot by Kyn Moonlight. It was created for the SGA Art Valentine prompt "Our favourite Atlantis characters as Major Arcana Tarot cards. Or Tarot-like cards."[1]

About the art:
The windows of Atlantis make up the border. The character images are taken from screen caps and production shots (photos and characters property of MGM/ Syfy Channel) composited with symbols from traditional Tarot and other imagery. The artistic brush & sketch filters and textures are from Photoshop CS5. Across the top of the cards it says “Atlantis” in Ancient lettering. At the bottom, there’s the number and title of the card, in English and ‘Ancient’ (as in canon, that’s mediocre Latin in the Ancient font). For some terms I didn't find an Ancient/Latin-ish equivalent translation, so I gave it my best shot at expressing the concept - ie: Hierophant = cleric-judge, and Empress as a queen-emperor ... and sometimes I just picked the coolest sounding word.[2]
The interpretation & symbolism:
Very loosely based on classic Rider-Waite style Tarot, the players in the Atlantis Major Arcana are influenced by the character’s personality type and interactions, and in some instances on the situations I could find pictures of, rather than an exact literal correlation. The reason Tarot works as a tool for examining the direction of your life in a given situation is that the concepts of all the cards are aspects of our own personality, so most of the cards could really have been any of the characters. The traits they embody and the divinatory meanings are a mix of traditional and my own Atlantis-slanted take on them, which I think I’ve explained in the accompanying descriptions. When used in an actual reading, a card may represent the suggested qualities in yourself, in the situation around you or in another person. In all instances there’s potential for both the positive and negative traits of the card to be in play, depending on your actions and reactions, but in general an upright presentation of a card more heavily implies the better qualities and reversed suggests more the associated faults and dangers or a lack of the desirable ones.
The design on the card backs is taken from the glowing panels in the Jumper, and – like Tarot – represents energy that can reveal potential, allowing thought to be manifest into reality, while the Stargate is your portal to the answers you seek in the cards. Above and below it says “Atlantis Tarot” in Ancient lettering.[2]

Recs and Reviews

  • "The design of the cards itself is beautiful enough, but what really rounds it off are the descriptions and interpretations that go with each card. A lot of thought and work went into this one."[3]


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