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The Star Wars Fandom File was a project by fans organize fans and their resources in a way similar to what Star Trek fans had done with the Star Trek Welcommittee. A fannish clearinghouse of artists, writers, editors, fanzines, gophers, clubs, proofreaders, editors, costume designers and makers, make-up artists was proposed, allowing fans to tap into other fans' talents. Listings in the fandom file were to be free.

This proposed project was at least two years in the making.

Its creator was Pat Grant and Imperial Press, under the purview of The Supreme Order of the Imperial Forces.

This fanwork was a mailing that was sent to fans who requested one. The May 1984 issue contains 8 pages.


From a 1983 flyer:
The File will consist of names of Star Wars fan artists, writers, 'zines, editors, proofreaders, helpers & gofers, conventions & con committees (these last two can be any in general - not just Star Wars), basically anyone with a service or talent to offer. (Yes - even filksingers & song writers will have a section.)

I'm shooting for 100% involvement from fandom. This is meant as a service for the good of all. If you have something to offer, let me know. Send me a 3X5 card giving your name, full mailing address, and a description of your service or talent. If you have more than one, send a separate card for each. Please type them, or print carefully. Also enclose a S.A.S.E. Your cards will immediately be placed in the file. THIS IS A FREE SERVICE - THERE IS NO CHARGE! If you have a certain need from fandom, gofers for your con, an artist for your story, etc., send me a legal size S.A.S.E along with a description of

your needs. I'll send you a list of all those currently in the File who fit your needs. Let me know if you'd like me to keep your request on file.