The Star Trek Bartender's Guide

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You may be looking for The Star Trek Bartender's Guide and Punch Book.

Title: The Star Trek Bartender's Guide
Editor(s): Art Canfil
Date(s): 1976
Medium: print, cookbook
Fandom: Star Trek
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The Star Trek Bartender's Guide is a Star Trek cookbook by Art Canfil and Larry Telles.

Review from Spectrum #34:
The ST Bartender's Guide 8p Punch Book is either the greatest spoof I have ever read or one of the most creative booklets ever devised by fankind. For those of you who have been known to take a sip of the ol' bubbly from time to time there are numerous alcoholic drinks listed, some of which are old, standards with slight twists and others are really creative cocktails such as a Life Support Belt which contains: milk, protein powder; instant malted milk and bourbon. Their recipe for a Transporter contains Scotch, vodka, tequila and tonic water ... wow! A Fizzbin Fizz has different variations depending on which day of the week you drink it on, unless it's a 28 day month, or an even numbered year then you use lemon juice instead of lime juice or is it the other way around? Hell, you get the idea. There are recipes for Antarean Brandy, one called It's ... Green (remember that?) and another simply called: It's Red, Jim! Some of the titles are better than the drinks, but not all; how about... Waste: 1999 which goes like this to prepare: Slice a large, spherical (preferably green) cheese into two equal halves.Hollow out each half to form two little cups. Mix in equal amounts of Koolaid and white lightening. Add salt, but no spice. Throw in lots of pretty food colors. Bribe critics to praise your creation. Let it moulder for several seasons. During all this time, don't watch NBC early Saturday nights. Take two Star Trek reruns and you'll feel better in the morning. Sigh... they're all so fun. And the non-alcoholic drinks and party foods are equally creative. Cyrano Jones Sandwiches are made by separating graham crackers into halves and on each placing four squares of chocolate bar. A toasted marshmallow is placed between them and squeezed until flat. Christ, I could gain ten pounds reading the blasted thing and there's much, much more in the book, even a metric conversion guide in the back. I can only recommend it with two words. Get it!