The Sounds of the Slayer

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Name: The Sounds of the Slayer
Owner/Maintainer: TechZero
Dates: ? - October 1999
Type: Fansite
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL: Sounds of the Slayer (archived link)
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The Sounds of the Slayer was a Buffy fansite containing an archive of soundbites from the TV series, organized by episode.


Welcome to The Sounds of the Slayer. This web site is dedicated to providing you with sound clips from Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series. So whether you're looking for particular speeches, jokes, or one liners, I probably have them here. The sounds are arranged by episode for your convenience.

Cease & Desist

In October 1999, The Sounds of the Slayer site was shut down. This is widely reported to have been the result of a cease & desist letter from FOX.

The Powers That Be (ie. FOX network) have destroyed yet another great BtVS fan resource. The famous site that was created and maintained by TechZero, Sounds of the Slayer, has fallen victim to the threats of legal action. TechZero has taken down his site. I was an avid collector of his sound clips and wish to thank TechZero for all of his hard work over the last three years. His work will be missed greatly by all.[1]