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RPF Fandom
Name(s): TSN Actor RPF, TSNRPF
Scope/Focus: RPF fandom for the actors from The Social Network
Date(s): 2010 - present
See also: The Social Network, Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield
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Fannish interest in the actors starring in the 2010 movie The Social Network began during the pre-release press run, when Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield (who play Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, respectively) devoted much of their interview time to expressions of affection and admiration for one another.[1]

Fans tend to refer to the Andrew/Jesse ship as "Jewnicorn[s]."[2] There has been extremely minor[3] discussion[4] about the appropriateness of the term.

Characters and Ships

The main characters of TSN RPF are Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg. Andrew/Jesse is the fandom's juggernaut ship: out of the 210 works tagged 'Social Network RPF' on AO3 as of Sept 26, 2014, 179 are tagged 'Andrew/Jesse'.

However, in addition to Andrew and Jesse, many related actors and celebrities appear in the stories, for example:

  • Emma Stone, who starred opposite Jesse in Zombieland and opposite Andrew in The Amazing Spiderman franchise,
  • Justin Timberlake, who played Sean Parker in TSN,
  • Carey Mulligan who starred in Never Let Me Go with Andrew,
  • Justin Bartha, Jesse's friend and co-star in Jesse's play Asuncion,
  • Joe Mazello (Dustin Moskovitz in TSN), etc.

Other occurring ships are, therefore: Andrew/Emma, Andrew/Emma/Jesse, Justin Bartha/Jesse, Joe Mazello/Emma, and more.

Tropes and Genres

  • Mental health issues (Jesse's social anxiety),
  • Acting references: even in AUs, one or both of them might be actors.

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