carry it in my heart

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Title: carry it in my heart
Author(s): robin-pulaski
Date(s): ? – March 1, 2011
Length: 6 parts
Genre: Canon AU, Get Together (trope)Get Together
Fandom: The Social Network RPF
External Links: masterpost (archived)

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carry it in my heart is a Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg RPF fanfiction. Summary: "How Jesse learned to stop worrying and love his costar." It contains multi-media elements in the form of embedded photos, often of handwritten notes. The story begins during the production of The Social Network and follows real-world events as the two actors fall in love while filming and promoting together.

The story was originally posted on LiveJournal, then was deleted in 2012. Saved copies of the story are still shared online.

A sequel, It Keeps The Stars Apart, was written by notveryravenofu, re-telling the story from Andrew Garfield's POV. It was also posted on LiveJournal and later deleted.


The story quickly gained popularity in the TSN RPF fandom while it was a WIP. Fans on Tumblr excitedly followed and posted about updates.

There was controversy when some readers mocked the writing of the sex scenes in the fic's later chapters. These reactions may have contributed to Robin's decision to delete the fic.

Comments & Reviews

The first TSN fic I read that truly made me realize how talented the fandom writers are. The prose is exquisite and reads like the e.e. cummings Andrew is so fond of. Definitely a fandom classic.[1]
THIS FIC. I can’t express in words how much I love it. It’s my favorite fanfiction of any fandom; it’s just gorgeous. It was also my introduction to RPF (which I have discovered, actually kind of bothers me if it isn’t AU) and the TSN fandom. And I am Jesse. IF YOU READ ANYTHING ON THIS PAGE, READ THIS. And then download the soundtracks.[2]
The thing about this fanfiction, is that it's going to hit you. It's going to smack you in the gut and just stay there, festering into this warm ball of delight that feels like eating strawberries on a hot summer day. You will go through the emotions with the characters, blindingly happy one second and somber and subdued the next. And then Robin will wrench you right back to ecstatic with gut wrenchingly perfect characterization, spot on, absolutely gorgeous dialogue, and snippets of their life in the forms of movie ticket stubs, post it notes, and the occasional text. I have not loved a fanfiction this much in years, and I have to say- even if you're not a fan of RPF or The Social Network, read this. Read it, because you will not be disappointed.[3]

So I remember reading the first two parts of this back when it was posted in December and thinking that this fic was AMAZING and how I couldn’t wait for more and then, of course, I ended up losing all my tabs. -_- But I stumbled upon a link to this fic and I totally recognized it from the header graphic and I totally devoured it! I love Jesse’s voice and how the relationship between Jesse and Andrew changed over time. Also, you know how much I love ridiculous pining fics. ♥♥ I can’t wait for the second installment from Andrew’s POV.

Rating: 9.0/10 [4]


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