The Snowbird Trilogy

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You may be looking for Snowbird, a story in The Hunting Universe.

Title: The Snowbird Trilogy
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: The Dirty Dozen
Language: English
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The Snowbird Trilogy is a gen Dirty Dozen 236-page zine made up of three previously published zines by Maureen Webster.


"This collection of three novella begins with 'Flight of the Snowbird' which takes place in Africa where two members of the Dozen are injured and captured by the Germans but get some help from an unexpected source. For the second story, 'Fortunes of War.' they go to neutral Ireland (posing as gypsies) to learn if a hamlet has set up a pact with the Germans. The third and final story, 'Long Ago and Far Away,' begins with the Dozen's last assignment together when they go to Hungary to destroy a refinery, but this mission has a high price to pay for one of the Dozen who is crippled for life. The second half of 'Long Ago and Far Away' takes place five years after the war has ended during a reunion of the Dozen and Snowbird." [1]

"Now in one large zine, the three novellas: "Flight of the Snowbird", "Fortunes of War" and "Long Ago and Far Away". Follow the Dozen to Africa where 2 members of the team are injured and captured by the Germans then get help from an unexpected source. The second takes place in Ireland, where the Dozen again become gypsies to learn if a hamlet has set up a dangerous pact with the Germans. And the final story takes the Dozen on their last mission together in Hungary where its price is high for one member who is crippled for life then brings the Dozen to a reunion 5 years after the end of the war. If you like action and adventure, comraderie, and a spice of romance with our 'fun-lovin, light hearted' Dozen, this story is for you." [2]


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