The Slayer's Fanfic Archive

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Name: The Slayer's Fanfic Archive :: An Online Collection of Buffy and Angel Fanfiction
Date(s): 1997-2006
Archivist: Rave
Founder: Anya McLerie
Type: Fanfic
Fandom: BtVS, AtS
URL: (dead link); SFA (via WBM)
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The Slayer's Fanfic Archive was a large Buffyverse fanfiction archive founded in 1997. It accepted all types of fanfiction, requiring only that stories be accurately rated. The archivists reserved the right to reject stories with graphic sex or violence. The archive was associated with the SFA Fanfiction and Discussion List, a fanfiction list for non-adult rated stories. The site was affiliated with The Slayer Net.

Welcome To The Slayer's Fan Fic Archive. Home to one of the largest and oldest Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel The Series fanfiction archives. SFA has been online since 1997.

intro page, 1999

Archive staff were:, Image 1
  • Rave
  • Barbie Girl (Becca)
  • biscuit07
  • Filmtheory (Jim)
  • Malice (Jess)
  • MebbtheScribe (MichaelB)
  • Reset (Allie)
  • Shay (Marrisa)
  • somnambulist29 (Shea)
  • Stephanie Loss
  • Wendyness (Wendy)


The archive was founded in 1997 by Anya McLerie and hosted by Alex Cook (Biohaz). In January 2003, Anya turned over ownership to Rave. In July 2004, Rave posted that her co-archivists were inaccessible. By July 2006, Rave was not answering messages, and the site appears to have gone offline around September 2006.


On 31 August 2006, the last date captured by the Wayback Machine, The Slayer's Fanfic Archive had 4662 stories (3867 BtVS, 763 AtS) from 2983 authors.