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Name: AleXander
Alias(es): The Slayer's Transcriber, AleXander Thompson
Type: Fan, Transcriber
Fandoms: BtVS
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AleXander is a fan known for creating detailed and accurate transcripts for Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes.

In 1999, AleXander's Transcripts were removed from the Slayer's Fanfic Archive, following a C&D from Fox. According to SFA admins, "as per the legal requirements of 20th Century Fox, the Episode Transcripts for Buffy the Vampire Slayer© have been shut down and removed. We hosted these transcripts for nearly 3 years, and will miss them, but law is law." [1] The removal of the transcripts resulted in a petition to have them restored. [2]

This fan campaign was ultimately unsuccessful but AleXander's plight and the resulting fandom outrage did raise awareness. An article in the magazine Reason, entitled Copy Catfight: How intellectual property laws stifle popular culture referenced AleXander's Transcripts as an example of the conflict between IP rights and the creative expression of fans.


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