The Scully/Skinner shippers' haven

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Name: The Scully/Skinner shippers' haven
Dates: 1999 (guestbook date)-06 December 2000 (last update)
Type: shipper site
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: (Wayback)
The Scully-Skinner shippers page.png
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The Scully/Skinner shippers' haven is a site "exclusively dedicated to enhance and advocate for a romantic relationship between Walter Skinner and Dana Scully."

It contains:

  • Sc/Sk fanfic recommendations archive. "Stop searching! For those who are beginning to explore the wonderful world of Sk/Sc fanfic, here you will find my personal recommendations and a small archive of some of the best, old and new Sk/Sc Romantic fanfic on the net."
  • Romantic Gallery- PG 13 rated. "This gallery is mostly composed by "photofiction", that is, manipulated photos that tell a tale."
  • Miscellaneous fun. The X-files pop music project, the SSR music archive, challenges, and more entertaining categories.
  • Why Sc/Sk shipper? An essay supporting the idea of a Sk/Sc romance, based on the episode "Triangle".
  • Our fanfic. Stories by Darynthe and PMD.

The site was a member of the Skinner/Scully Webring and the Surly Skinner Web Ring.